Away they go

The concept of the world getting smaller means little when people you love are around the globe.

My parents and younger brothers boarded a plane back to Brazil this afternoon. The first State-side Christmas in seven years has come to an end. I haven’t been with them in a couple of weeks, but I was spoiled to have them a phone call away at any time. My cell phone was at my ear for two hours today, making the most of their accessibility.

© 2011 Jonathan Stephanoff

The goodbye in Ohio, when I left them, was hard. I’m not an overly emotional person – except when it comes to family. There were quiet tears as they packed the car, tears during a “safe travels” prayer, then real tears saying farewell… and tears for a while after.

It’s not that they live so far away that’s hard (though certainly it has its difficult moments). It’s the leaving that’s hard. Once they’re gone, and we’re back on a regular weekend Skype schedule, life is dandy. Once I land in the US from a Brazil trip, I’m fine. It’s the goodbye that hurts.

And I’m finding the older I get, the harder those moments become. Strange how that works. So now life is back to normal: the weekend call, jotting down things I want to tell them during the week, the prayers to keep them safe (God knows the payers mean more when they go international), the sports/school/church/video game updates… normal stuff. From 5000 miles away.


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