Channeling Jillian Michaels

I received a gift card for Christmas, and decided to invest in four Jillian Michael’s workout DVD’s. Abs, yoga, quick blast and long cardio workout – the actual names are far too long, and quite silly. We (Courtney has spent several mornings yoga-ing around our living room with me) have decided that the music attempts to be pump-y/techno-y/edgy and completely fails, while the graphics look like they came from my most basic design class.

However, the workouts kick butt. I consider myself in shape, and am still panting pretty quickly. I needed something new in my fitness routine, and I got a jump-start complete with sore everything. Arms, shoulders, abs, obliques, butt, thighs, hamstrings, calves… it’s pretty impressive. Seriously, people. If you want something easy to do in a smaller space that works everything and doesn’t require braving the cold, bring some Jillian into your life.

These days I walk around feeling the effects of her prodding and yelling and gotta-prove-I’m-so-tough-ness. As irritating as she is (though she’s not as bad on these video’s as I was expecting), I like what I feel in my body.

And, I do like much of what Jillian says. She talks about not being perfect, but being perfect in what your body can do. About taking the positive energy you feel after a workout and carrying that through your day. About making the most of every moment – in exercise, work and play. No wasted time. Sure, she has some ridiculous things, like a “health tips” segment that spent far too much time talking about Oral-B power toothbrushes (not-so-subtle product advertising, thank you). But still. She balances the shouting with the advertising with the encouraging.

I’m now giving myself Jillian-style pep talks. How fun.


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