Joining the Twitter cult

Last week I activated a Twitter account for job purposes. No really. I have avoided Twitter all along, but was finally forced to cave by a few editors.

I am a late bloomer when it comes to social media. I completely ignored Xanga, joined and neglected MySpace when it was already gasping for air (I actually received an email two days ago from MySpace. Subject line: “Where are you?”) and gave in to Facebook years after friends did. Admittedly, Facebook now occupies one of my very select bookmark toolbar spaces and I log in more times a day than I want to admit.

RP @ClueCult: #Twitter

But I reverted to my anti-bandwagon ways when Twitter joined the social media lineup.

I obviously don’t understand the can’t-live-without-tweeting traits of Twitter, because it seems so silly to me. The nonsense Facebook statuses are given a second life on Twitter… which is too-often linked with Facebook and appears in the news feed anyway. The word clutter is annoying. I have already hidden enough Facebook friends due to their prolific updates.

And then there are the symbols. The hash tags, @ sign, links and alphabet soup RTs and usernames are a bit much for me. I don’t have the patience to decipher the gibberish that comes from condensing a paragraph into 140 characters.

Deciding I needed to catch up on the Twilingo (not to be confused with Twilight lingo of course), a quick Google search brought me to an old Business Week article. My favorites are Twitterlooing, Twittectomy and Twadd. Seriously? Envision raised eyebrows and my “wow, you’re an idiot” expression. Twitterati? People please. Can we sound more ridiculous?

My first date with Twitter didn’t go so well and I promptly logged out. If I had a choice I’d throw away the phone number – er, I mean username – and move on. Or would that be my TwID. I can’t keep up.

One thought on “Joining the Twitter cult

  1. I hear ya. The few Tweets I’ve published sound more like “old-fashioned” FB statuses. I haven’t become proficient in Twitterspeak. I’ve tried using hashtags, but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. It’s as if I’m learning another language. English and Spanish are enough for me.

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