Meeting the ground & turning to water

Almost two weeks ago now I had my first real bike accident.

To make this seem like the huge and exaggerated deal that it is, I have been riding a bike since I was, like, six. One of my best childhood memories is my dad getting out all of our bikes every spring and getting them all tuned up. And we rode those things all summer long.

In my adult life, I have made it a pretty solid habit to walk/bike/bus as much as I can. Which means I have spent my fair share of time on a bike. I’ve been cut off, nearly side swiped by vehicles, honked at and engine-revved-at by an impatient douche bag at a stop light, had chains fall off, brakes completely fail, and more.

And never had a serious fall.

Perhaps I injured my pride more than anything else. It’s not like I was hit or anything. My foot just casually slipped forward off the pedal as I was accelerating…. and lodged between some spokes in the front tire. Which effectively stopped all forward motion and sent me sailing over the handlebars. At least as far as my body could go with my foot still stuck. It was quite the sight I’m sure!

Complete with some pretty bruises to show for it:

Pardon the quality; I took these with a tablet camera.

I finally went to the doc last week, after getting tired of Jon telling me to, and was told that I shouldn’t run for four weeks. (I’m almost half way there at least!) Lately I’ve been running every morning, biking to work, then doing strength training many evenings – so the last 1.5 weeks of no running and biking have been terrible.

But really this post is about starting to swim as my daily workout.

Finally tired of less activity, I started to swim laps this weekend. My wonderful neighborhood park is complete with running trails (which miss me something awful right now) and a lake with a lap swim area roped off. It’s definitely not the best swimming location, but it works. And man! I forgot how hard swimming is! I swam competitively as a kid, but certainly haven’t done any serious laps in 5564324759 years. Great full–body workout and I get to spend these warm summer mornings in the water.

Pretty darn great.

Also, I’m nearly certain I look like this:


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