Hump–week anyone?

Yesterday’s Workout: 30 mins. circuit training.

I have determined that this is the worst week of the year.

This is the week between my birthday and my favorite day of the year, July 4th.

Well, technically there are two weeks between those two important dates, but the week of anything exciting makes the whole week exciting. So this week in between is completely blah and I’m writing this on humpday, so it’s exceptionally blah.

On the bright side, we are having a hotter than hell week, which I love (heat, not hell). Three days pushing 100+ degrees, the rest high 90s. And while the lack of rain this spring has led to horrible fires and plenty of problems around the country, it has also served to keep our suffocating Missouri humidity on the lower end. Tiny shimmer of a silver lining maybe.

And on another bright side, I’m officially half way through my month ban from running! As much as I’m enjoying swimming instead, I really want a good morning jog. Can’t wait until I can alternate jogging and swimming days. Can. Not. Wait.

But I am waiting or I’ll suffer a serious talking to by Jon about needing to take care of by body, let it fully heal, listen to the doctor, etc. He takes care of me, even when I don’t like it.

Fireworks next week will help get me through the end of this no–running purgatory!


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