Progress, change and worth

Yesterday’s workout: 25 min. lap swim, 45 min. walk, 25 min. circuit training.

There are a handful of health, fitness and running blogs that I read on a regular basis, and this morning I noticed a common theme among a few of my favorites:

“Do what you can with the day that you have.”

Not every day is perfect, and that’s OK.

SkinnyRunner wrote, “Not every day is going to be easy or a ‘good’ eating day or un-stressful, but try to make the best choices that you can today. And then let it be. Let go of the ‘I should be perfect and I’m not’ guilt!

I think I needed to read that this morning. More specifically related to fitness things, but also for life in general. In general, I’m good at not worrying about tomorrow… but I hang on to the guilt or frustration or disappointment fdreamrom all the yesterdays.

This isn’t even about making the best of today. Some days just won’t win the best medal, period. It’s about doing what I can with the time, energy and inspiration I have for this day. And then moving forward.

Another blogger/runner favorite, Dorothy Beal at Miles Posts, wrote: “It’s more than easy to let minor set backs in your fitness or weight shove you down. I’ve let it happen to me way too many times. Hope is not lost. Decide to pick yourself up and start fresh from that day forward. You are worth it.”

I am worth it, and I am making progress, and I am growing. I also know that I am not where I want to be and that progress is slower than I would like. I tend – OK, not tend – I am more of an instant–gratification person. I need to be see growth, I need to have measurable progress. And while fitness goals are pretty easy to measure, there are plenty of things in life that are only slightly more obscure.

I don’t do well with obscure. I like concrete. I like point A and point B. I like lists that I can check off. So I struggle some when those points change, or when the list is added to faster than I can check off. I am a goal–oriented person; the internal tension comes when those goals naturally shift.

“I decided that maybe I was holding on to DREAMS that weren’t meant for me and that by holding on to the wrong DREAM I wasn’t open to the right DREAM,” wrote Beal on Mile Posts.

I’m fairly certain Dorothy stepped inside my head this week.

Finally, Blogilates writer and YouTube host Cassey Ho hit on a similar fitness–journey topic: “Don’t let the definition of your abs dictate your feelings of self-worth. Instead, look deeper. Enjoy the journey to your fitter self… [but]  you got more our of this than just pounds lost. You’ve got skill, you’ve got technique, and you’ve mastered the power of molding your own destiny. Try to find what you want in sculpting a happier YOU. Not just sculpting a more toned bod.”

So my goal for this weekend:

Focus on the progress I’ve made and let go of the “off” days.

Because there has been lots of progress. In my fitness goals, in my relationship, in practical things like wedding planning and getting ready to move. The reality is that this is a very busy, very expensive, very stressful… and very important… summer. Safe to say that it’s normal to feel some extra tension, extra anxiety, and to be extra hard on myself.

I need to be extra careful to let myself off that emotional hook I like to hang on to.

“I do my best. My best is always enough
and it’s always what it needs to be at that moment.”

– Katie at MsFitRunner


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