W–day is looming…

Saturday’s Workout: 35 mins. interval training. Sunday’s workout: Rest day. 20 mins. yoga.

It’s becoming harder and harder to ward off the pre–wedding anxiety.

Like this morning, I glanced at my dashboard calendar… and the wedding date is showing up! Close your eyes, deep breaths. Sure, it’s the very last day on the calendar, but still. It’s there!

An innocent little “11” hanging out in the corner.

To be clear, that exclamation point doesn’t mean “super–excited–can’t–wait–for–the–day–of–my–dreams.” It means “holy sh*t that’s coming fast.”

Also, check out those temperatures. Like seriously. Do I really get another full week of melt–your–skin heat? That might even be too much for me to handle.

Now that the freak out moment has passed, I should clarify that I am, in fact, pretty excited to be married. To be married. Not really to get married. I want to fast–forward past this whole fancy dress, center of attention, crazy, busy, stressful and expensive part called The Wedding.  It’s not really my cup of tea. I knew that from the beginning, but now I really know that. And I was never the girl who had my wedding planned before I turned 5, so I won’t be disappointed if The Wedding isn’t perfect.

It just needs to happen. And then we move on. 🙂  Happy Monday!


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