Fourth of July

Tuesday’s workout: 25 min. 50/10 cardio intervals: 960 reps | 20 min. 30/10 chest & shoulders intervals: 439 reps | 20 min. walk.

Yesterday’s workout: 30 min. lap swim | 40 min. walk, nine flights of stairs to watch fireworks.

Yesterday was my MOST FAVORITE day of the year!

I love summer. I love cookouts. I love days off. I LOVE fireworks.

There really couldn’t be a better day.

This year’s Independence Day was pretty low–key. I had to work so we can head out-of-town tomorrow to see Jon’s grandfather. And given it’s 800 degrees outside, we decided grilling wasn’t a fun idea. Quesadillas it was. And Trops. Best decision of the day.

Then we climbed nine flights of stairs to the top of a parking garage to watch the city’s fireworks…. and ended up being too high.

They were shot off of another, much shorter, parking garage two blocks away. But still, we figured the city firework show would be pretty big and going higher would be cool.

We overestimated Columbia’s firework abilities.

They were fine, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed them. There were some great sequences. It satisfied my absolute need for Fourth fireworks.

It’s just a little anticlimactic when many of them are exploding below you.

Oh well. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that a summer of five weddings, including our own, moving, family in country, weeks off work, way too much traveling, and barely two weekends in a row that we’re home all summer long means that I am not really getting a chance to enjoy my favorite months of the year.

Summer 2013, you and I are going to party it up hard!


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