The “crazy” side of the family.

Friday’s workout: Rep challenge for legs: 740 reps in 23 min. | 20 min. 30/10 arms & back intervals: 420 reps. | Quick 10 min. cardio burst: 712 reps.

Weekend workouts: Zilch. Nada. What I looked like much of the weekend: ↑

Monday’s workout: 20 min. 50/10 cardio intervals: 887 reps | 20 min. 50/10 abs & core intervals: 644 reps.

We were out-of-town yet again this past weekend, so my schedule is all out of sorts. The road took us to Peoria, Illinois, so visit Jon’s grandfather. Also known as GP, Crazy Grandpa, Crazy, and Pop. He’s nearly 90, still lives on his own, is sarcastic and ornery…  and is basically exactly what Jon will be later in life.

GP had a bit of a health scare recently, so Jon’s parents came over from Ohio and we from Missouri for a visit. After a short stay at the hospital, he’s in a nursing home for a few weeks before he can go home. He’s doing well, hitting on all the nurses and hating his lack of freedom.

I also met the other half of Jon’s family that I haven’t before.

Pretty much this side of the family is sarcastic, ornery and outspoken, with some extreme hikers and a historian in the mix. They are quite fun. I haven’t met the cousins yet (we saw the two aunts and uncles), but I look forward to it.

However…. my diet took a solid hit. We ate out every. single. meal. all. weekend.

GP, whose house we stayed at, has this thing where he just rinses his dishes rather than wash them. So there was NO cooking at his house.

I also slept a lot on Saturday. Like, morning nap and afternoon laying in front of the TV.

Honestly, it was very refreshing.

I just need to fast for three days to make up for it!

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