One month to go!

Tuesday’s workout: 20 min. lap swim | 20 min. 30/10 chest & shoulders intervals: 517 reps | 12 min. 50/10 full body HIIT: 261 reps | 45 min. walk.

Achievement of the day: I finally made it into a full center split. Sorta like that ↑. I’ve been close for 453126987 years… but last night, I made it. Twice. 🙂

Today we are officially one month from wedded bliss.

One month!

Geez Louise…. these next several weeks are going to disappear so fast. We still have two or three rentals to arrange, a honeymoon to book, food stuffs to purchase, decorations to make, corsages and boutonnieres to finish, my dress and Jon’s vest to alter, and plethora of other wedding things to check off.

Did I mention we’re having a Star Wars–themed wedding? How awesome does this look?

Plus, I have to move. And I hate moving with just about everything in me.

And most important of all, I have plenty of Olympics to watch. Obviously.

All while being out-of-town two of the next four weekends.

But I’m getting married, and about that, I am quite excited!


5 thoughts on “One month to go!

    • Oh, I wish! I toyed with the idea of at least a costume wedding for a hot minute. But alas, we have some pretty traditional family members who might die if we tried something like that. Now, Star Wars dance parties, or birthdays, or Halloween parties… that we can do! (Some friends were Han and Leia a few years ago. It was perfect.)

      Your blog is hilarious! The gotye “cover” is just perfect and I hadn’t seen it before. Also, my education is journalism, so we have a couple things in common!

      • I can see how that would be difficult to accomplish! My great grandma might not appreciate if I married a man who wore anything less (or more) than a suit and tie. I don’t think she would appreciate if he was clad in Storm Trooper armor! 🙂 My family always dresses up for the Star Wars Celebrations and conventions over the years though!

        Thank you so much for following my blog! I just stumbled upon that video and thought it was so well done.

        I would LOVE to major in Journalism one day–I just got an “internship” writing in a High School newspaper that is partnered with the Tampa Bay Times so I’m excited to start there! 🙂

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