Put me back in place, please.

Thursday’s workout: 30 min. lap swim | 20 min. 30/10 arms & back intervals: 512 reps (Nearly 100 more than last week. Boom.) | 10 min. cardio burst: 778 reps (also killed my reps from last week) | + 50 push ups just because | 60 min. walk

I’d say it was a good workout day. Feeling great this week!

Well, yesterday should have been my first day back to running.

I’ve decided to take another week or so off.

Groan, whine, pout, grumble.

I went to a chiropractor for the first time on Monday. All you people who have been to one before… why didn’t you tell me how awesome it is?! I tend to have the most pain in my lower back and between my should blades. I swear, I couldn’t pop my for 24 hours after seeing her.

Ignore the fact that is looks like the doc is raping his patient. Trust me, that right there made my back feel a. maz. ing.

I’m planning to go at least once a week until wedding time. Because I work for a state institution that provides pretty rad insurance, and because I have already met my deductible, I can go for $8 per visit.

Oh yeah. Maybe twice a week.

Once I add Jon to my insurance, the deductible will go up, and therefore the visit cost will go up. So until then, she’s my new best friend.

Anyway, back to running. She did some fancy shmancy stuff to my knee and foot (which felt pretty great, btw), but said my foot is still swollen and I shouldn’t to running or wear heels yet. So there went my plans for a Thursday–hurray–I’m–back run and sexy heels for yet another wedding this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m having a killer workout week, and doing pretty stellar on the food side of things…. so I don’t feel all that grumpy about still no running. Blasted bike…

This has been a pretty awful few weeks at work (on top of the wedding stuff you’re tired of hearing about, I’m sure), so it’s great to have some success in another area of my crazy life right now. Take it where I can get it!

Oh! AND.

Jon booked our honeymoon yesterday! Check this loverly cabin that is perfect for us:


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