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Saturday’s workout: The 600 rep challenge: didn’t time it | 2 hours jumping around on the dance floor.

Sunday: Rest day.

The wedding weekend was amazing; I’ll post some pics of our fabulous group tonight.

In the meantime, I’ve told a few people about the different workout or health blogs that I follow, so instead of sending a couple different emails, I decided to post them here. There are a few categories, but mainly there are the ones I like to read and there are the ones that post workouts to do.

Blogs to read

These are mostly running blogs. I love the snarky, sarcastic, natural and personal attitude of them all. And with a couple running/writing momma’s in this list, they are definitely motivational!

  • Skinny Runner
    • SR says: “I started reading a lot of health, fitness, beauty blogs (no, you’re right, I don’t have much of a life) and decided to start my own as a way to keep myself accountable with my workouts and somewhat healthy living, but mainly because I want to talk about myself. Who doesn’t?”
  • Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal
    • Dorothy writes: “I am fueled by a strong desire to inspire and be inspired one run at a time. Marathoner, mommy of 3, published writer, coach and lover of all things running.” She’s part of Saucony’s Find Your Strong Project, and is pretty much a rock star. Watch her in that Saucony video; totally worth it.
  • Msfitrunner
    • From Katie: “It took awhile for me to call myself a “runner”.  Like it was a this very prestigious title allowed only to those who actually compete in the sport and know what the heck they are doing and have been running for a gazillion years.  I do not know what the heck I am doing, and I have not been running for a gazillion years – hence the title “ runner”.”
  • Mile Twenty Eight
    • Brendan and Jenelle, a couple who run, and write, together: “The goal of our website is share our love for running, traveling, and everything in between.  We hope to inspire others to pursue an active lifestyle and fun traveling adventures!  We like to run, train, race, and now, hopefully write about it!”
  • Ali on the Run
    • Ali says: “I love running. I never thought I would say that. I started running in the summer of 2008, my first summer living in NYC. When I got started, I could run about 2 blocks… I [also] have Crohn’s Disease. Despite having this autoimmune disease, I consider myself to be a very healthy person.” She also used to dance! This girl is pretty much my hero.
  • Run Cheurice Run
    • I’m a bit partial to her blog because she’s a friend. She’s also a single mom, a student, and an aspiring runner. (Just did her first 1/2 marathon in April!) Cheurice writes: “Becoming a runner will change you. You will become happier, mentally stronger, less stressed, more confident, more courageous, physically stronger, etc. You can and will become addicted to it. You will end up loving the freedom of running.” When she’s not too busy with, say, a toddler and textbooks, her blog is hilarious and worth the read.

Workout blogs

What I like most about all of these sites is the online community. They are all on Facebook, posting updates and responding to people, the communities are very interactive…. hey, it’s the blogosphere at its finest.

    • This blog is a little more risque, so just be forewarned. It’s also one of the best online workout sites I’ve found. There are two main hosts, Lisa-Marie and Sean, but the team is growing to include a Yoga instructor, Teshia, and a mom of two, Lish. The new hosts are a fabulous addition! The team provides short and very intense workouts, usually with little equipment (or easy to modify), so it’s great for those busy days or traveling.
  • Zuzana Light
    • Z is one of the founders and the original host of Body Rock, but she moved on and is still posting great workouts on YouTube and her Facebook. She posts workouts less often (once a week), and I usually try to fit hers into my workout schedule pretty regularly. Her workout lengths and styles vary a little more than the other sites, which is really nice.
  • Blogilates
    • Cassey at Blogilates is probably one of the most energetic hosts on YouTube. Because she’s a Pilates instructor, her workouts are less impact and high intensity – which has been great for my injured self these last several weeks. I really like her short “challenges.” This squat challenge is one of my favorites.
  • Tone It Up
    • These two trainers are fabulous and gorgeous. There workouts also tend to be more toning and less impact. They’re also really fun to watch… it’s nice to have two hosts on a video, so there’s more interaction and personality. This site makes me feel more girly and beautiful and refreshed and encouraged than any other – not sure why, but it’s really nice! Definitely a blog I check regularly and incorporate their workouts into my routine.

A couple randoms

  • Fit Sugar
    • This site has everything: fitness news, workouts, diet stuff, articles, etc. It’s not a regular workout stop for me, but I do check it often to see if there’s any articles that catch my eye.
  • Rabbit food for my bunny teeth
    • This girl is She writes: “I fell in love with cooking and creating new dishes and enjoy experimenting with vegan meals a few times a week. I am a bit of a foodie and will try anything once.” Her weight–loss story is inspirational, including struggling with some eating disorder issues, and her journey back to health. She also writes some fun DIY stuff (one of the workout shirt tutorials touring Pinterest is hers).

There are others I read on a semi–regular basis, but these are my handful of favorites. I know there are 454321843154 gazilion other amazing blogs out there, so let me know if I’m missing something that will change my world!


2 thoughts on “My favorite blogs

  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out! And for thinking I’m hero-worthy 😉 Haha. You’re crazy. I’m flattered to be included in this list with a roundup of some seriously cool chicks. Thanks for reading! (And for the little ego boost. Love that.)

    • Haha, everyone needs an ego nudge every once in a while! Thanks for writing your blog, I seriously love it. Plus, my brother and sister–in–law just moved to NYC, so it makes me feel just a little closer to them when I read about your running/biking/dog-sitting escapes. 🙂

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