Creep wedding #5

Monday’s workout: None. I took another rest day. A nasty panic attack on Sunday night meant I needed a little breather.

As promised, here are a few photos from the wedding weekend in St. Louis!

Front to back: brother, fiance, creep, pulse. That’s how we roll.

Groom writing down his vows. They were perfect.

Me and sister–in–law.

Too much hotness for one photo.

Brother and sister–in–law.

Getting married to this guy soon!

Husband and wife. :–)

He was too hungry. Couldn’t handle it anymore.

This is what happens when we TRY to get a good picture together. Photo bomb #1…

Photo bomb #2…

Photo bomb #3… Seriously??

The Creep women.

Not many pictures at the wedding after dinner, as we were all too busy killing it on the dance floor. Nothing like a good Creep wedding!

Like this.

And this. With Brady Sasquatching in the back!

And this.

P.S. If you don’t know about the creeps, take a second to look through this graphic. It contains a brief explanation of how a group of friends became known as the Creeps… and this group has now become the Creep Family. We have matching tattoos to prove it. These people are irreplaceable.


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