Lukewarm soup

Wednesday’s workout: Rep challenge for legs: 740 reps in 20:35 min. | 16 min. HIIT circuit | 50 lunges & 50 push ups | 20 min. walk.

Thursday’s workout: 20 min. run | 30 min. walk.

Ohmygod ohmygod yesterday I ran for the first time in five weeks!! (If you missed why I was on a forced running hiatus, check here.)

I woke up excited… and then heard light rain and some thunder.

So I grumbled to myself about how I have to do a home workout instead.

Then got up, and thought, maybe I can still go out.

So of course it started raining harder, and I got irritated. Why, Fates, just why….?

But THEN…. it stopped. Stubborn me came out. It’s probably not a good idea to have my first run after an injury on wet cement…. but damn if I wasn’t going out there after all this time! Besides, I thought. I like running in light rain. It keeps the body temperature down.

And then I walked out and remembered I live in Missouri. Where it’s been over 100° for ages.

Light rain does not, in fact, feel refreshing. It feels like jogging through lukewarm soup. Possibly one of the most miserable runs I’ve ever had. Overall, my foot felt pretty good. Knee was more sore, and my hips were pretty tight. Five weeks off takes a toll.

Still, it was a nice feeling, that running thing was. And I have a few goals, as I’m kind of starting over. Seems appropriate.

  1. Work on striding out more. In general, I like to stay at a comfortable jog. But I also want to get faster, so I need to work on longer strides.
  2. I have GOT to get a handle on my breathing. That has always been my biggest struggle. I feel like my lungs give out way before my muscles do, and I’m really tired of that. I breathe very shallow in general, so that translates over to running as well. If anyone has any suggestions, please help!
  3. Get some decent distance under my belt again. I’d like to have my long runs settle around 10 – 12 miles.

I’m technically not supposed to run a lot yet, so my plan is to alternate swimming and running days for a while still. The lake closes some time in September, so I’ll swim up until that point. Besides, then we finally get out of the 10,000 degree range so running will be easier. Soup is no fun.

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