Crack–o–dawn limp–jog on the trail.

Friday’s workout: Mixed it up today with two Blogilates videos for arms, back & shoulders: 35 min. for both.

(According to my calendar, I’m kind of a day behind on my strength training. It happens sometimes. Even for me. Don’t judge.)

Today’s workout: 1:16 on the trail | 25 push ups, 50 incline crunches.

Since I don’t plan to update tomorrow, I’ll write about this morning’s run today.

If you didn’t notice, I publish posts in the mornings, but I usually have a second evening workout. So the workouts on my posts are usually for the previous day. Good. We’re all on the same page now.

Wow, I’m feeling snarky today. 🙂

Anyway, back to the run.

I abandoned my usual park route and went to our local train system. It is a state–wide trail that goes straight through town, is shaded nearly the entire way, is gravel not cement… and is pretty much the best running trails in the history of running trails.

OK, slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.

My goal today was six miles. Three out, three back. I didn’t care how long it took me, I didn’t care if I had to walk a lot of it, I didn’t care if I came back crawling. Six miles. Done and done.

As the forecast was for our standard 100° that we can’t seem to get away from (OK, lies, yesterday’s high was 94. And I’m serious, the breeze felt just a tad chilly after weeks of this heat wave), I got up at 6:45 to get out before the heat.

Being the happy and cheery morning person that I am, this was no problem. Got my gear on, got my music, got my water. Done. Let’s kick this joint.

Miles 1 and 2 felt good. 9:17 and 10:12 splits. Slow, but a good pace for me. Have I mentioned I’m a jogger, not really a speedy runner? I also had to walk for about 30 seconds between the first three miles.

Mile 3 still felt pretty strong. 10:30 pace. I started to lose control of my breathing, but worked through it. I also slightly rolled the ankle on my injured leg towards the end of this mile, so I took a full minute walk between 3 and 4 to work that out.

And then things went down hill. In mile 4 I started to lose feeling in my hands. I had to slow down to a slow jog as well just to stay in control of my breathing. Mile 5 I started to lose feeling in my feet and interspersed more walking in the mile. These were both 12:something miles.

This is how I looked and felt today.

I even pulled my knee ace wrap down to my shoe. I have minor residual knee issues from the years of dance, so I often wear the wrap anyway, and today I had it on the healing leg for some extra support. I was hoping to get some feeling into my lower leg at that point, but as soon as I pulled it down, my knee started to ache slightly. I’m frustrated at this point.

I didn’t even try to jog the first half of mile 6. A couple of times I wanted to start again, but I made myself walk, complete with some strange leg shakes in an attempt to get feeling back below my knees. The last half mile I was DETERMINED to finish in a jog.

You know that feeling when your arm is in a weird position and falls asleep? If you ignore it long enough, your hand sort of starts to curl up from lack of blood flow? Yeah. That happened my legs. I lost the ability to straighten out my legs for a longer stride. So that last half mile was this strange limp-jog thing that I’m sure looked like I was dying.

And yes, I know that going numb in my hands and feet is not a normal thing. It’s happened forever, but has gotten a lot worse in the last six months. I’ve had my circulation checked, thyroid tested, an MRI and an electric shock nerve test on my legs. Fit as a fiddle. Apparently tingling and losing feeling on a regular basis is no big deal. Sigh…*

Anyway… it was a hard run, but I’m glad I went out and did it. Uncomfortable as the last three miles in particular were, those miles are mine.

Does anyone else get a tingling sensation or lose feeling anywhere during a workout? Any suggestions? I’m starting to feel desperate, as the doctors can’t find anything wrong with me.

And how we’re off to run some wedding–related errands and get some work done. Take that to–do list.


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