Run, run, run!

Monday’s workout: Couldn’t fit it in. I tried. But I had to get to work early so I could leave early for our last premarital counseling session and then went to the chiropractor! Then we did more packing and moving. So that’s a kind of workout itself.

Tuesday’s workout: Went out for one of my standard morning run routes: two pretty hilly miles in 20:50 min | 10 min. abs & core | 17:43 min. chest & shoulders (I incorporated several of Casey’s Blogilates moves from last week).

Those miles are a time I really want to improve.

But… I’m satisfied with that for the day. Took some pushing, and my breathing took some effort in the last hills. I think I’m also realizing that two to three miles is a comfortable length for me circulation wise. I can feel my feel starting to lose feeling around that distance, but definitely nothing bad yet. I really really want to get some distance under me again, but need to not push that far if I’m going completely numb that quickly.

So while I still want to do a longer–for–me run on the weekend, I think it’s better for work on going faster for short distances.

I suppose this breathing/blood flow thing is why I like interval training so much. I can push hard for a period of time, and I may lose good control of my breathing by the end of the interval, but then I have a recovery period. Four of five deeeep breaths is usually all I need to get everything flowing and controlled again.

Maybe I have some form of asthma? Could that explain my generally quick and shallow breathing and my struggle to breathe well while running…. and all of that tie into blood flow/numbness stuff?

You’d think the several docs I’ve seen my this point would have thought of that, so I don’t know. Something worth asking next time though. In the meantime, I’ll read some of these breathing&running articles and see what I can do better: Runner’s World, Running & Jogging and a running forum.

In other, more exciting, news:

  • Jon killed the giant mutant bug that made a home in my closet. He’s great like that.
  • Packing/moving is happening steadily throughout the week.
  • My sister–in–law gets into town next week.
  • My parents and youngest brothers get into the country in two weeks.
  • And in a 1.5 weeks we’re kicking this joint for a birthday weekend in Springfield and then Ohio for wedding time!

Everything’s happening so fast now! It’s crunch time peeps.


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