Olympic Virtual Games: Track Star 2012!

Wednesday’s workout: Two hilly miles in 19:43 min (shaved ~1 min. from yesterday; still slow, but better!) | 10 min. cardio burst: 810 reps*

* In this quick workout, I do 2 min. each of high knees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, side skaters and jump twists. It’s short, but gets the blood pumping!

I don’t have time for a full post today – though I plenty I want to write about, but it will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning. In fact, I wasn’t going to post at all today until I found this:

Virtual Games: Track Star 2012 from the blog Run with Jess.

For all my runner friends out there, this looks quite fun. The challenge is to run the main Olympic running events during the week that our own team USA is running them (Aug. 3 – 12)! Pretty cool!

From Run with Jess:

100m (.062 mile)
200m (.124 mile)
400m (.25 mile)
800m (.50 mile)
1500m (.93 mile)
5000m (3.1 miles)
10,000m (6.2 miles)
Marathon (26.2 miles)**

** You do not have to run the full marathon in one shot. Break it up into segments and challenge yourself to complete a total of 26.2 miles dying the 10–day Virtual Games (average of 2.62 miles each day). And yes, the challenge of this virtual event to run or walk all eight segments. Be A Champion!

And…. I just had to post this. Because he’s amazing.
“12 Aug 1996: Sprinter Michael Johnson poses for a studio portrait with his two Olympic gold medals and his golden running shoes. Johnson became the first man to complete the Olympic “Golden Double” after winning both the 200m and 400m finals at the 1996 Olympics.”

I think this is a super fun challenge that I really want to participate in…. except that it is the week before my wedding and I will be up in Ohio frantically finishing everything and trying to enjoy time with my family from out of the country. Who I don’t see all that often; the ocean proves problematic. And who I’ll only see for a few days. So there’s that.

BUT. I still emailed to get her “official scorecard” and I plan to do it on my own when we get back. In fact, I bet Jon would do it with me.


Have I mentioned recently how totally and completely excited I am about the Olympics??!!
Though I may be catching up on all the events after they’re done. I have something kind of important going on right smack in the middle.

I didn’t plan this wedding date very well.


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