Geez I have some days to catch up on.

Thursday’s workout: 1 mile run, 9:01 min. | Zuzka’s leg and bum KILLER: 13 min., 264 reps. (Seriously, I had trouble walking for two full days. This workout had me SO SORE.

Friday’s workout: No cardio | Abs & core, 300 reps (no time) while watching Olympics.

Saturday’s workout: 5.4 mile walk since my legs were still very sore, 1:36

Sunday’s workout: Packing and moving for 382919835 hours.

I am now nearly moved. There are a few things left in my apartment, and it’s only half clean, but we’re so close and will be finished today. Yesterday I was up working or running errands from 7am until 11pm. I have a sore back and a bruised thumb from a door frame collision, but all in all, it was a successful moving day.

Meanwhile, our apartment is in shambles. I keep going into the previous roommate’s room that we moved my bedroom stuff into simply because there is not a lot in there. Few bins, two dressers and my bed. It’s the only space that I feel like I can take a deep breath.

Have I mentioned that I dislike moving?

Good news is Jon’s previous roommate moved out this weekend. He and his girlfriend were originally in the apt. until next weekend. With my sister–in–law arriving soon…. this was going to be a very crowded week. BUT. Roommate changed his plan for reasons I don’t know, and we have a few days to begin unpacking and reorganizing.

Plus, you know, finishing up all the wedding stuff. There’s still plenty of that.

Which is why S–i—L needs to get here. So she can cook and unpack for us while we print and cut and glue and such craftiness.

I mean….. enjoy being gracious hosts to our first visitor, of course.

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