Step by step I’m getting faster.

Monday’s workout: Ran 2.12 miles in 19:45 (~ 9:52 split – improving by every little second) | 100 reps abs & core on equipment in the park.

Tuesday’s workout: Ran 3 miles in 27:11 (9:30/8:49/8:48 – YES, under 9!) | 15 min. chest & shoulders, 555 reps.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of those five miles up there. All of them under 10, which is still slow…. but I’m working second by second to get some better speed. I definitely didn’t expect to have miles under nine yet and I pulled a couple of those too! I’ve been really focusing on my breathing; it’s hard and not natural and almost takes more work than keeping my legs moving, but I’ll get better.

Breath by breath, step by step, I’m proving to myself that I can run better.

And it feels good.

Moving on: Let me just talk about how much I love watching gymnastics. (Big surprise, I know).

First the US men broke my heart. And then I was so excited for the UK men.

Now, it’s the ladies that I’m all excited about. They looked amazing yesterday. They are all adorable. I could watch McKayla do vaults all night long… maybe mixed with Gabby flying like crazy on the bars. Really fun team. And Jordyn got her gold!

You know what else I love?

Having a semi moved–in apartment. We spent a couple of hours this evening emptying some bins and rearranging the stack of unpacked stuff in the living room. I now have my desk open and we have two functional couches. Incredible! It feels much more livable.

What I don’t love is coming to work this week. No… pretty much hate coming to work this week. Longest. Days. Ever. I’m so close to being gone, I have a solid bunch of stuff left to do still, I have yet to have a break this summer, there is ongoing construction just outside or above our offices, I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do is update all the student job listings on our site or schedule social media posts for the next three months.

For the last week and a half, I’ve been getting up early for a run, giving myself plenty of time to get ready so I’m not rushed in the morning, and getting to work feeling pretty energized and ready for the day.

Until I walk in. And then I immediately feel cloudy and on edge and the anxiety rise. Basically, I am beyond desperate for a vacation. And while next week will still be incredibly busy up in Ohio with all the final preparations and the cooking and everyone getting in to town and my family being here (!!)…. at least none of that will require me to be in my office.

Three. More. Days.


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