Unpacking fantasy football. At Target. While watching Dark Knight Rises.

Ok the title is a little misleading, but it felt right. Our weekend was a mix of unpacking, organizing, reorganizing, fantasy football drafts, shopping, banking, pre–season football, going to a movie, listening to an audio book, and some relaxing.

All in all, a good, productive weekend.

The apartment is coming together, slowly but surely. I’ll post pictures at some point, but probably not for several weeks. It’s an older apartment with some strange wall papers, and needs to be perfectly put together and clean to be worth a photo. If you can get past the blue and red elephants in the bathroom, it’s very spacious for the price and in the perfect location!

The one huge mistake we made this weekend?

Going to Target. The first weekend after the University started classes.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

One little quirk about Jon and I is that we actually love shopping – or more often “window” shopping – at Target. We just leisurely walk around, look at things, talk, goof around, and hang out. So we thought taking some of our wedding gift cards would be a great way to spend Saturday afternoon together.

Au contraire!

Instead we were bombarded by hoards of squealy little college girls, guys being dragged along by their girlfriends, far too many small children whose parents made the same mistake we did, employees with too much to do… and to top it all off, a cart that loudly refused to go straight. I swear the Crazy Target Lady was out with plenty of clone minions.

We were lucky to get out alive.

We did succeed in finding our dishes and another storage shelf on clearance, and a new microwave to replace the one that’s been barely working since it lived in a house with six guys.

In other news, our house made it through two fantasy drafts in a row. We didn’t eat dinner for two nights. Football took over.

AND we finally went to see Dark Knight Rises, during which I got to see my Steelers. Loved seeing the Pittsburgh black and gold in “Gotham.” Might have been the highlight scene for me!

That’s all the exciting news from my world. Happy Monday!


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