The cop may have saved my life

Monday’s workout: 3 miles, 30:51 (10:47 / 9:54 / 10:10) | 200 rep abs & core work

The schedule said three miles. I can’t break the schedule on day one of said schedule.

Yet it hit 100 degrees on our weather monitor, with the humidity ranging from 50–60+ percent. It was difficult to get myself out the door yesterday.

Finally I went out at 8:20 pm. It was already dark, but not late. The park isn’t lit, but I’ve run after dark before. There are always people out still, and it’s only three blocks from home. I don’t use music for a night run (really, I haven’t been using music at all lately), I have something reflective on my clothing and I’m pretty aware of my surroundings as I go.

The run itself went well. I didn’t really have a time goal; I just wanted to get through it in this weather. I wanted to hit 10 minute miles, but even if I dragged myself through longer ones, I just wanted to finish. So I am pretty happy with those three miles.

I usually plan my runs to finish in the park, and then walk back the few blocks home as my cool down. Probably not a good idea last night.

At half a block out of the park, a police SUV drove by me, turned around and waited on the street as I walked by. I realize there was someone walking behind me. No big deal. I didn’t see someone leave the park behind me, but there were several people I passed.

As I turned the corner, I glanced behind. Two guys, who on quick glance seemed to be walking away from me. Ok, so they turned around. Cop did his job.

Half way up block #2, the cop drove by me again and waited on the corner until I got there. A little strange. But there was still someone – a guy with a bandana on his head I think – walking half a block or so behind me.

I turned the corner to block #3, almost home. Cop drove by at a normal speed, so I assumed all was well. He’s obviously been keeping an eye on me up to this point, so he wouldn’t leave if something was wrong. This block is better lit, and coming up to a busier cross street.

I walked up the hill and crossed the street to enter the alley road that goes to several small apartment complexes, including ours. As I glanced back to cross, there was the guy still walking up behind me… and the cop back at the corner. He had driven off at a normal speed to go around the block and come back to where he could see me and creeper guy.

Geez! I jogged the rest of the way to our door, so if he was indeed following me, he wouldn’t see what apartment I went to. And promptly told Jon that I am never running after dark again unless he goes with me. He didn’t exactly argue.

Moral of the story? Have a partner for night runs…. or don’t go at all! It could have been total coincidence. Or it could have made the news this morning. My running schedule wasn’t worth a potential mugging last night.

And thank you CoMo police officer for being aware enough to make sure I got home safely.


5 thoughts on “The cop may have saved my life

  1. Hi Larissa, Steve here. You may have thought of this but I’d suggest you email a copy of your blog entry to the police (in expression of your appreciation). I think it’d mean a lot to them.

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  3. My sister was chased while jogging in St. Peters while PREGNANT! So terrifying and sad that we can’t go out for a jog without fearing for our lives, however I’ve seen way to many Investigation Stories on the Discovery channel that start out with a young lady going out for a jog.

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