Hiatus + honeymoon

Well, not only did I take last weekend off from posting, I took all week off. I know you all missed me something awful.

I have no excuse; I just didn’t get around to writing anything. Or really, I didn’t get around to pulling pictures off my camera. This weekend I “found” our honeymoon photos, so here you go.

I have some running news as well, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Today is for a plethora of pictures from our cabin in the woods and days of hiking.

*take me back please*

P.S. Last week we celebrated one month of wedded bliss. 🙂

I’m haunting the place already.

Two absolutely exhausted people enjoying the solitude.

Our cabin roommate. We named him Gigantapithisis Speedialus.

Losing at my LEAST favorite game e.v.e.r.

I like him.

Jon’s the real photographer.

I just take pictures like this.

Been here for a while.

He spotted a dinosaur. Or something.

Lord of the Rings stairs.

Thus concludes our vacation in Jurassic Park.

As always, happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Hiatus + honeymoon

    • Oops, sorry Courtney! Hocking Hills state forest in Ohio. We really didn’t want to travel after the awfulness that was pre–wedding. This was the perfect getaway without actually getting that far away.

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