Running with music: to listen, or not to listen

For the first time in ages, I ran with music yesterday. I did not enjoy it. Also, check out some pictures from NYC!

Tuesday’s workout: rest day.
Wednesday’s workout: 5 miles, 49:24 min. (9:19 / 10:39 / 10:22 / 9:56 / 9:08)

I’m sticking to the schedule this week. Period.

So five miles it was. I got home hungry and not fueled enough for the run. But if I had dinner first, it would have been darker, and Jon wanted to do an oil change rather than run.

So I ate something small, and headed out. I’m also getting tired of my park run, so I mapped out a 1 mile loop in my neighborhood for a change of scenery. All in all, it was a pretty good run. I definitely did not feel energized enough, but I made it.

Wednesday = success.

Question for you runners or solo workout–ers: Do you use music?

I go back and forth. I seriously can’t remember the last time I ran with music. But I used to do it all the time. My workout playlist is full of songs with similar tempos, so I can base my pace off what I’m listening to.

Yesterday I was really in the mood for a book–on–tape while I ran, but I didn’t have a new one on my iPod. So music it was… and maybe that’s why my times were a little better yesterday. Still, it annoyed me much of the time. Granted, my current headphones are terrible for any impact activities, but I just did not enjoy having “background” noise.

When I’m doing a HIIT workout at home I usually put on music. If I was on a treadmill, I would probably use music. It’s when I get outside these days that I can’t stand it. Maybe I need to change playlists to something more calm and refreshing; less “noise” in my ears.

Anyway, just curious what other people like. What style of music do you listen to? Do you do some runs with, and some without music? Do you use headphones, or have music on speaker so you can hear things around you?

And now, a few photos from our trip to visit family in NYC a couple of weekends ago (I grabbed a few from my sister–in–law’s Facebook that I felt needed to be included):

The invasion. © Krista Dalton.

Hat twins.

We chose his shirt, and were proud.


We’re cool. © Krista Dalton.

College kid now.


Siblings and spouses. © Krista Dalton.

Jon telling Justin a story about the mask at the Met.

Love this color.

It had to happen. © Krista Dalton.

I want it in my living room.

On a boat. © Krista Dalton.

Take me for a ride in your Chariot, please.

New World Trade Center building.

9/11 mural.

I’m always really sensitive around 9/11. It was pretty cathartic to be at Ground Zero a few days before.


4 thoughts on “Running with music: to listen, or not to listen

  1. I’m not big into listening to music while I run either. Years ago, I USED to use music all of the time, but as I have increased my distance, I’m just not as interested in it. I agree, if I were on a treadmill, I would probably use music. BUT, I will run in pretty much any type of weather to avoid a treadmill, haha. Great post.

    • Hmm, interesting. I tend to save music – IF I’m going to listen – for my longer runs. To be fair, though, my “long” runs are not so long anymore! Working my mileage back up.

      And agreed… the only thing that get’s my through a treadmill run is watching TV, but then I don’t feel like I did a solid workout. Too distracted!

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