Just another (awesome) Saturday run

Seven–mile–Saturday, first official #PlankADay, plus a great HIIT workout! This week = success. Happy weekend!

Thursday’s workout: 35 min. HIIT workout. Circuits below.
Friday’s workout: rest day.
Saturday’s workout: 7 miles, 1:14:25.

I opted for a full–body HIIT workout on Thursday, as I haven’t done some hard circuits as often lately. More running means less HIIT. Which is fine while the weather is nice, because once it turns frigid, I go into hibernation and take all workouts indoors.

I wrote Thursday’s workout in three different sets. The entire workout was intervals of 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Total, I finished with 1016 reps, plus the three 50 second planks.

Today, Saturday, I completed my longest run of this training round… and really, my longest run in a couple of years. My main goal was to keep all the miles under 11:00 min. Overall, I’m happy about how those seven miles felt.

Splits are 9:44 / 10:54 / 10:55 / 10:27 / 10:56 / 11:00 / 10:29 for a total of 1:14:25.

  • Miles 1 and 2 felt like warm up miles. I’m still sore from Thursday’s workout, so it took a bit to loosen up.
  • Mile 3 was a fun mile. I just settled in and enjoyed the trail.
  • Mile 4 included a quick stop at a water fountain, which gave me an extra push to finish this one in a better time.
  • Miles 5 and 6 felt faster than the times say. These miles were getting harder, but I also felt like I was keeping a steady pace. That 11:00 minute mile is disappointing… just a couple faster steps and I would have squeezed in under 11.
  • Mile 7 was hard. Just hard. But I wanted it under 10:30. I had to redeem that 11 and finish strong. I’m positive I didn’t look strong (probably more like I was dying a slow death) but I finished how I wanted.

What makes this run better is comparing it to last week. My six–miler was a little disappointing to have two miles over 11:00 and I did not want that today. A 10:56 mile feels waaaay better than an 11:38. So, go me. 🙂 Adding distance mile by mile, and getting faster second by second.

Post run, and then with water+protein powder – FINALLY bought more last night. Been way too long.

One more thing.

I am now committing to the #PlankADay challenge. I am inspired by Janelle over at  Mile Twenty Eight, and I’m super excited about this. I LOVE planks, and do them regularly, but not enough to really boost my time. That changes today! And so, here is plank number one:

Time of 1:31 for my first official #PlankADay log.

5 thoughts on “Just another (awesome) Saturday run

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! Trust me, running doesn’t come natural to me; I have to fight for every single mile every single time I’m out. I’ve found the key – for me – is consistent runs, but also consistent rest days. Good luck with your running, you’ll build miles in no time!

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