Texting & Running

Texting and running; typewriter on the road

Sunday: active rest day; ~4 mile walk downtown with Jon.
Monday: 3 miles, 27:00 min. (8:18 / 9:30 / 9:12)

I am super proud of those three miles. Do you see those times? Not just under 9, but under 8:20? Longest one at 9:30?

You know, sometimes I amaze even myself. Thank you Han Solo.

I went into today’s run wanting a time of 27:00 minutes. I started hard, and took advantage of the downhills in the first mile. (Those are paired with a couple up hills, too, so it’s not like I have an easy downhill mile). The second mile in this park loop is always the hardest. The third is a bit easier, but I had to sprint the end to make my goal.

I’m satisfied. Though I can’t take all the credit. Jon was with me on this one, and was cheering me on at the end. “Go. Run. Get your time!”

My #PlankADay’s for Sunday was a 2:02 standard plank, 1:30 right side plank and 1:01 left side. Monday was 2:02 again regular plank, then 1:10 on each side.

The rest of today’s post is dedicated to texting and driving. Sounds cheesy, possibly annoying to hear again…. but it’s been on my mind since Jon received this text over the weekend:

“Please dont call. Im driving. Please text.”

Look people. Don’t be stupid. Everyone knows it’s a bad idea toHonk if you love Jesus; text while driving if you want to meet him text or email or even call while driving. So just don’t do it. No message is worth dying for…. and it certainly isn’t worth you killing someone else. It isn’t worth car damage, it isn’t even worth that stomach–in–your–throat swerving moment of not paying attention.

I have made it a habit for a long time now that I don’t even have my phone out when I’m in the car. I don’t pick it up when I’m at a stop light. I don’t read, much less respond, to texts. Except on very rare lapses, my phone is never in my hand while I am behind the wheel.

Granted, this can also apply to many things: drinking coffee, changing the radio, eating something, the classic putting on makeup…. the list it endless. Add another level to this as a biker. I’ve had too many experiences with drivers not paying attention and nearly running me off the road.

I’m not even going to argue that texting and driving should be illegal in all states. It’s hard to legislate stupidity.

So please please please, don’t be stupid. Just don’t do it. Be opposite of Nike.

And watch this. It’s a few years old – and fair warning, it’s pretty graphic – but really good.

Then let me know what you think in the comments. Does this PSA work? Should texting and driving be illegal? What are your habits behind the wheel? Any personal experiences with a text–related accident?


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