8 miles that did not go as planned

car key lost car key

Thursday & Friday: Lazy days. No excuse.
Saturday: 8 miles, 1:24:40

That today’s run didn’t go as planned is an understatement. I’m still surprised I finished them.

Felt good this morning, took my time heading out (Jon is in class all day, so I had a quiet morning), and went to the trail around noon.

I also lock my wallet and keys in my trunk and just tie my car key on my shoe. My mind was apparently really occupied on the coming run, because I pulled my house key off, tossed everything else in the trunk… and closed it. And then realized I had the wrong key.


Jon is in class, so I couldn’t borrow someone’s phone and have him meet me in an hour and half. My car is a pain to “break” into so that’s not an option. Sigh*** I’m annoyed with myself at this point.

But hey, I out here for a run. Fine. I take my run back home instead. I have no idea how far it is, but oh well. Getting home took me exactly 30 minutes. I guessed it to be between 2.5 and 3 miles – 2.62 to be exact. I checked.

I don’t have a fancy GPS watch, as it’s not in the budget at the moment, so I run marked trails (or neighborhood routes that I know the mile markers) and just lap my timer. This mean no split times for today.

But I did check the distance on runningmap.com after I ran home to map out the rest of my 8 miles. Get a drink, grab my spare key, and run back. Plus another 2.5 miles.

Let me just say, I do not enjoy running on roads. I like parks. Trails. Even a track. I don’t like sidewalks, people, intersections and cars. I don’t understand how people so street runs with headphones in.

All in all, I finished those eight miles in 1:24:40. Average of 10:24 per miles. I gotta say, I’m happy with that. Half way through the run I made a goal of finishing in 1:25:00… and particularly considering I didn’t have per miles to push myself, I’m a little surprised I hit the goal.

That, and the last two miles were terrible. As in horrible. As in the most miserable miles I’ve run in memory. My calves are so sore, and I am SOOO enjoying my new prescription compression socks. (More on that later, but in a word, awesome).

And horrible miles do not matter anymore, because GUESS WHAT???

Now starts my week–long running diet. I’m so excited.

no running sign


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