On a workout diet

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P.S. Do you follow me on Twitter yet? I just updated my profile this weekend, so get clicking and check it out! (And yes I know P.S.’s are supposed to come after a letter; it’s OK.)

I may have just had one of the more relaxing weekends in a while. It was glorious.

I caught up on Vampire Diaries and Revolution, we watched Jon Stewart/Steven Colbert from the week, I ran my scheduled 8 miles that weren’t what I expected, hung pretty things on some walls, did some grocery shopping and watched our fair share of football.

Oh, and Jon was in class much of the weekend. So maybe it wasn’t so relaxing for him.

But the most exciting thing about this weekend?

I’m now on a workout diet. No running, so scheduled strength workouts, nada. I’ve worked hard for five weeks, now I get a week off. Now don’t freak out. I will be biking to work several days this week, I will still be doing my #PlankADay – which, BTW, I passed 4:00 this week! – and I will likely do some yoga and some weights.

But the point is that I let my body and my mind have a rest. This week is about what I want to do, not what my training plan says I have to do.

Since I won’t have splits and miles to talk about, this week’s posts will cover my compression thoughts, a review of Purity Organic juices, some vegetarian food talk and maybe even a favorite recipe. Plus we are in the middle of our first batch of Dutch Over bread (Jon’s in charge of baking today), so I’ll have some things to say about that. Hopefully about how well it turned out and how easy it is and how we are never ever buying bread again. Keep those fingers crossed.

And another thing that makes this week awesome??

It’s October! A.K.A. Creep Month! A.K.A.x2 the most exciting time of year for the Creeps family. (I just looked back through my posts to find something that explains who the Creeps are, and realized I haven’t written anything concise. So I’ll work on that this week, too. Maybe an info graphic of how our close group of awesome friends became known as the Creeps. My sister–in–law has been asking for such a graphic for a while now.)

Anyway! Creep month, pumpkins, Nightmare before Christmas, apple picking, comfy sweaters, hot drinks, (possibly haunted) corn maze, Halloween, costumes…. soak it up people! Here is Missouri, we unfortunately will be missing much of the bright colors that make this season fantastic; compared to NY it’s not as beautiful here, anyway, but the summer drought had a huge impact. Still! It’s fall, and there are all sorts of fabulous things to do before the hateful snow comes.

FALL, picnic, pumpkin, apple picking, cookies, pies, corn maze

Can someone tell me why this says “two thousand and eleven?” Doesn’t fall happen every year?

And here’s a little more inspiration to start the week. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

kindness, gift, thank you, quote

 keep going, paint

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places


6 thoughts on “On a workout diet

    • True! As much as I love fall, it means winter is coming and I hate hate hate winter. Hot and humid summertime is still my favorite, so….. I’d take Florida any day!

      Unfortunately, the husband prefers cold. Sigh….*

    • Nope, just running to be active and healthy. A marathon could happen at some point, but not in the near future. Maybe next year. 🙂

      The “About the blog” and “About the author” pages have more info on what I do and why I write here.

  1. I have a deep, mind blowing, electric love affair with Fall but as with any indulgence whether it be chocolate bar, glass of wine, platter of sushi or shopping spree it always ends, making my winter chill warm with dreams and anticipation of the next Falls pumpkin spice. Nice post!

    • True that. I have a love/hate relationship with fall because I hate the coming winter. I need to live somewhere with two seasons; 80s and 90s half the time, 60s and 70s (maybe even 50s) the rest of the time.

      Also, I noticed last night that my chai tea tasted way better now that it’s Oct. Weird? I swear fall-ish flavors (chai, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) are better right now.

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