Compression salvation

How compression socks saved my life, killer #PlankADay, tasty Kale chips & weekend photos.nelson art museum

Monday’s workout: Bike ride commute, 25 min. | {With 15 lbs.} 100 squats, 100 squat pulses, 40 lunges each leg | 150 abs & core | 5:10 min. plank

Monday was supposed to be 4 miles after my week off. But I had a horrible headache turned migraine by the time I left work, and could not imagine putting my head through the pounding of a run. Some strength work while watching Monday Night Football it was.

But let me pause. Just humor me for a moment. Take a look at that #PlankADay time!!! Last week I broke my personal record (PR) with a plank of 4:30. Last night I blasted my time yet again! I’ve been working for a 5:00 min. plank…. so now I need a new goal. Build up to a 7:00 min. plank? Yes, I think so.

I also finally made Kale chips last night. Tasty! (Though Jon didn’t think they were, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, just this time). Kale leaves in the toaster oven on bake until they were crispy, then salted and devoured. It’s a similar flavor to baked pumpkin seeds, just stronger. For this routine muncher, they’re a great crunchy snack.

Also, I did laundry. Just so everyone knows I pull some chore weight around our house. 🙂

Now to the important stuff. I said last week that I finally got some prescription compression socks. And how I was hoping/praying/begging/rain dancing that they would help ease the numbing and tingling in my legs. I’ve got to say, I’m sold.

I will even spend $50 on a fun color pair some day. Not this day (Jon, don’t freak out when you read this!), but some day.

For now I have a tan pair and a black pair that my insurance covered, so I paid under $30 for both. *grumble grumble boring colors grumble grumble $30 yay!* They are opened toe – I prefer sleeves, not socks, so these are a good alternative when sleeves weren’t an option. I have slept in them nearly every night since they came into my life. As I’m falling asleep is nearly always a tingling nightmare that keeps me awake with muscle spasms. Putting the compression socks on is an immediate relief.

I haven’t worn them on a run yet. I may try a pair for the 10 miles on Saturday – especially if it’s cold – but I don’t really foresee wearing them regularly during runs. These will be a sexy around–the–house look. Smokin.

And finally, since this post has been all over the place, here are a few photos from our weekend and trip to the Nelson art museum. Jon had the camera, so of course most of the photos are of crazy faces or creatures he would like to be in his next life.

At a cool used book store with great friends! Forgive the blur.

nelson art museum

Lunch at the Nelson art museum. Fancy schmancy.

nelson art museum

nelson art museum

I love tea, but I don’t know if I could get into this pot.

nelson art museum

nelson art museum

nelson art museum

It’s blurry in the dim room, but I like it.


4 thoughts on “Compression salvation

      • because I only needed one leg. My right leg is weaker and have sciatic nerve problems. this was causing shin splints only on that one leg. So I got zensa leg sleeves. I now occasionally wear them on both legs (especially after I fell down the stairs and bruised up my shins, running made my muscles hurt)

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