More for your core

“More for your core” workout, 3 mile run, and super tasty banana chocolate frozen treats.banana chocolate frozen treat

Tuesday’s workout: 3 miles, 29:57 (9:33 / 10:16 / 10:08) | “More for your core” workout below | 1:30 #wickedwallie wall sit

I barely got a run in last night. It was 8:30 before I got off the phone with a friend and at that point we almost didn’t go. Too late, too cold, too tired and we were having a great conversation. But I have Skype plans with Brazil tonight, so….. we sucked it up and did a few miles.

It was a bit rough and I finished with pain in my left knee. It went away after I stretched out, so no big deal I think. I’ve had knee issues off and on, which makes me pretty sensitive to what kind of pain they have and how to take care of it.

Before the run I did a 1:30 wall sit. After, I did this workout from Happy Fit Mama:

Peeps, this is no joke. Looks easy, but you finished with 10 minutes in hold positions, plus 40 push ups just because. Last night’s work, plus all of Monday’s squats = a sore woman over here. My legs were not happy with me during my bike ride into work.

I’m in tasty healthy snack mode this week (remember the Kale chips from Monday). Last night was banana chocolate frozen deliciousness that I learned from my lovely blogger/runner/mom friend Cheurice at RunCheuriceRun.

Super complicated directions, so hang on.

  1. Melt semi sweet or dark chocolate chips.
  2. Slice up large banana.
  3. Spread chocolate on banana slices to make a “sandwich.”
  4. Pop in the freezer.

Oh my lord, so tasty!

banana chocolate frozen treatbanana chocolate frozen treat


11 thoughts on “More for your core

    • Anything with chocolate and fruit = a happy me. But its got to be easy, or I’ll never make it. Such as chocolate filled strawberries instead of covered. Less mess, easier to manage.

      You site looks amazing! I’ve got some browsing and meal planning to do I think.

      • Hi Larissa!

        Wow. choc-filled strawberries sound exotic! How would you do that though? cool idea.

        Thanks for dropping by my site! glad you like it! 🙂 Plenty of easy fuss-free recipes because just like you, I like things to be quick & non-complicated!

        Have a great week!


        • I’m newly married and we’re still figuring out meals. We decided to start meal planning for about a month at a time, and plan shopping trips accordingly. (It works for my workout schedule, it should work for food, right?) I’ll let you know how meals from your site turn out!

          For the strawberries, I just cut out the middle and spoon in melted chocolate. Pop em in the freezer for maybe 15 minutes so the chocolate sets quickly, then move them to the fridge and serve from there. Far less messy than dipping them in chocolate.

  1. Added these little treats to my running Pinterest board for future reference! Yum! Actually a great make-ahead treat for cross-country and track meets to send on the bus with my son and put in the insulated lunch pouch. ~ Kat

    • Ooh, great idea! I’m slightly obsessed. They have been made multiple times in my house lately. I just found a recipe for homemade chocolate, too, so that may be the next step. I need to find some good – preferably fair trade – coco powder.

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