6 minute plank!!

if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you

Tuesday’s workout: 3 miles, 30:22 | 6:00 min. #PlankADay

Just a quick post today.

First, I have to brag. Go back a couple lines and look at that plank. 6:00 PLANK!!!!

I did my scheduled three miles when I got home yesterday. They were slow for that length run, and a little painful. The knee is still bothering me when I stride out more, so I’m having to favor it. Today I’m scheduled for some sprint repeats – though it’s supposed to be raining and with the knee…. that workout may come inside for something low impact. I’ve got 6 miles for tomorrow and 9 for Saturday, and I really want to get through those.

Sooo…… taking is slow this week. I’m really hoping to still make my schedule workouts, but they’re gonna have to be easier. But that’s OK, right? At least I’m still moving.

just run fitfluential

I’ve also been thinking a lot about adding a quick morning yoga/stretch session in my routine. Plus, I usually do my planks before bed, which I don’t like. I can take 10 minutes in the morning, get the blood flowing, feel more awake and refreshed…. it sounds good. Tomorrow! I will do it! Probably this:

good morning yoga

And…. since it’s a rainy and gloomy hump day that makes me want to do nothing, I’m extending motivation Monday to today. #Getafterit! 🙂

motivation is what get's you started habit is what keeps meeting

4 thoughts on “6 minute plank!!

    • Nope, stuck with a standard plank. I did change my feet some (wider, together) and changed from hands to elbows and back. But straight on plank the whole time! 7 is my real goal, and after that I’ll probably focus more on staying in the same position the whole rather than add more time.

  1. Are you familiar with the beloved George Sheehan? The “very hard in the beginning” quote is him. “Running & Being” is best running/philosophy book ever.

    p.s. i have your food chart and it’s working great. now if you could just make a “get your lazy butt out and run” chart i’d be in business.

    • Ha! If I have a chart that could single handedly kick my bum in gear…. that would be awesome. Glad the food chart is helping! I know it’s been a great tool to keep me on track.

      I haven’t read that book – yet! *Searching the library now* 🙂

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