My first {ever} bike workout

lightest bike workout

Thursday’s workout: 12 miles biking, 1:00:06

I had a 6 mile run planned for tonight. Unfortunately, my knee has not felt any better the last two days, and I don’t want to hurt it more.

I made a last-minute decision to do a long ride instead!

My couple–mile bike commutes haven’t bothered me, even with the range of motion. I guess without the impact of running (or walking for that matter), the motion doesn’t hurt. So I geared up for a cold and windy ride at the park. We had a rain storm rolling in, but I really really wanted to get a good workout first.

The loop is 1.7 miles, so my original goal was 10 laps for 17 miles. It got dark, rainy and windy (25 mph gusts hitting a bike), so I cut it at 7 laps plus a little more to make 12 miles.

self magazine biker

I’m positive I looked as cool as this.

It felt awesome!! I’ve always enjoyed my biking commutes, but I feel like I’ve been missing an entire workout possibility that I could easily get hooked on. Outside was so gray and brooding, but guess what? Hiding in the gray are all the blues and greens and oranges and yellow that belong to my park in the fall. That ride felt so good I didn’t notice the lame weather so much (well, except when the gusts threatened to topple me that is).

P.S. If I do make biking a regular workout, I’m gonna have to get some padded gear.

I have no idea what a good bike time is. A 6 minute mile average sounds good to me, particularly given the weather. I was breathing hard, sweating and feeling sore by the end, so I consider this a workout success.

Also, despite a horrible night’s sleep, I did manage to get up for some morning yoga yesterday… totally worth it. Today, not so much. I have some sleep to catch up on this weekend.

Are you a fitness biker? Any tips for this newbie? 🙂

And finally, the latest meal I made: Vegetarian stuffed peppers in the crock pot.

crock pot stuffed peppers

There are my fall colors!

I should mention that I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. I can follow a recipe fine, and I certainly know how to pin good–looking meals, but I feel the need to brag just a bit when I make a real meal.

Jon wasn’t as excited about this one, as he doesn’t overly enjoy green peppers. But I love this meal, so I made it anyway. 😉 Next time I’ll use yellow peppers for Jon.

Ingredients: peppers (shocker); brown rice, diced zucchini, onion and some peppers; tomato paste; spices; cheese. There are more interesting ingredients that can be used, but I went super simple this time.

Cut ’em, clean ’em, mix ’em, fill ’em…. put in the crock pot on high for about 1.5 hours. Make sure to put some water in the bottom!

crock pot stuffed peppers

And guess what, peeps? Its Fitness Friday. Click on the image to learn more!

Have a fantastic and active weekend!


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