Fitness and faith

I’ve gotten some flak here on Piloting Paper Airplanes for not talking about my faith enough. Or at all.

Which seems strange, as this is a fitness blog. I have written a total of 6 posts that touch on faith/politics/social issues. Six. My health and fitness journey is, quite simply, just the part of my life I talk about in this forum.

Faith is incredibly personal. That journey can be very powerful, but can also hurt a lot. For me, this blog is not the place to discuss my faith. But fair enough. My faith is an important part of my life, so it is due some reflection of its own.

{Pause. I’m being summoned to dance.}

Did I mention our super coolest friend ever Josiah is in town this weekend? The only thing we’re missing is his even more rad wife Kristin. Sadly, she had work this weekend. *sad face*

Anyway, where was I?

A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of a run and had a totally random thought come to mind as I was struggling up a hill:

I can do all things through Christ.

*insert mental roll of the eyes*

But wait a second, I told myself. Let’s think about this.

I run this body.

I fuel this body well – or not so well, like today – to do what I ask of it.

I run faster and farther; I run push myself in workouts; I improve.

So I am able to do this because of the choices I make with my body.

But still….

God gave me this body.

Even if my daily decisions effect what I can do, I am still able to do it because of this body I was gifted. I guess I can do all things through Christ then.  *insert moment of epiphany*

Welp, thanks God. That’s pretty awesome.

There will be good runs and bad runs. Days I feel great, and days I just don’t. There will be weeks I gain some weight and weeks I lose it. There are days I make good decisions that take care of this body, and days that I just don’t care.

But still…

This is a life I have been blessed with. This is a body (as much as I struggle with it) that I have been given and cherish. This is a life and body that was meant for more than just my personal goals.

It is a gift that I do not take lightly.


2 thoughts on “Fitness and faith

  1. I’m glad you enjoy running, I never did. Do you plan on a marathon sometime? Have you heard of a zombie run???? I heard of it while Steve was listening to a sports talk radio station. If you never heard of it just youtube “zombie run 5K”. The one I saw was a 5K obstacle course. People pay to run and other pay to be zombies. It’s a combo of: flag football, halloween, and an obstacle course. Elizabeth and Kirstiana are going to one soon. If I ever could participate, I’d have to pay to be a zombie SLOB, an acronym for a slow zombie. The help ladies who fall. The FAT zombies are the ones you have to look out for. They are the FAST, ADOLESCENT, ?. There are more acronyms. It looks like a great time is had by all. Take care Larissa. ❤ Lisa ps. where are you working these days? Does you blog make money yet??

    • Yes, I know of the Zombie runs. There’s one in town I’m thinking of signing up for… though not sure we can swing the entry fee this fall. I work at the university, and no, I don’t make money on this blog. Maybe at some point, but that’s not really my goal.

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