Me & running don’t always see eye to eye

run inspired running changes everything

Sunday’s workout: 3 mile (slow and painful) run (9:58 / 11:02 / 11:11) | 4 mile walk, 18 min average | 2:30 min plank

Today was a long run day.

Minimum 9 miles; 11 if I felt good.

It had to happen because next weekend we are out-of-town for the annual Creeps Halloween Party, and I can’t afford to go two weekends without a good run.

But apparently I now have to.

My knee was aching almost immediately. Last week I was willing to run through it because really wanted 10 miles. Today I was not so willing. Right now my knee is a nagging ache that is not serious; that could easily change, however, and I have to keep convincing myself to be careful.

The real kicker was that my circulation issues returned today. I probably could have managed another mile, but I was just so frustrated! It’s incredibly wearing to feel like I can’t improve because my body – or leg circulation in this case – continually works against me.

It has been better as a whole the last few weeks. I’ve been focusing on stretching my Achilles more and the compression socks have literally done wonders. Alas, today was a reminder that I can’t take the good days for granted.

I see some more careful runs and probably a bike workout again this week. I see a week of feeling frustrated and disappointed. I guess that’s life sometimes, right? Gotta roll with the punches.

Right now I needed some running motivation. I found some great ones use to all week:

* Click on an individual image to view it larger in a gallery.

{ I suppose this answers my questions from last week. ↑ }


9 thoughts on “Me & running don’t always see eye to eye

    • True that. And despite the aching or circulation issues, I still CAN be up and running most of the time. I’ve got to remember how great that is too.

  1. I completely get and can commiserate on the good and bad days. I ran a new PR during a 5k on Wednesday but running yesterday was not terrible but not good either. Miles are miles even it they suck and i’m going just keep going.

  2. “Dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start”

    I couldn’t agree more. Best inspirational quote I’ve read. I feel like I wanna complete my run for the day. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know! I hadn’t seen this quote before, and love it. Especially for my slow self, it’s a great reminder that just getting up and finishing a run is an accomplishment to be proud of. 🙂

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