The long–lost speed run

Monday’s HIIT workout did me in for the week, but I managed to get in some good speed work last night before my muscles died.

shape magazine running tips

Wednesday’s workout: 4 miles, 36:37 (8:24 / 10:27 / 8:31 / 9:15) | Arms & shoulders, Tracy Anderson video | 1:00 plank | Bike commute, ~2.5 miles

First, I just need to get something out.


Monday’s HIIT workout did me in for the week. My quads and lower back especially. It’s actually a little past the “great workout soreness” feeling into a “I want to sit without pain” feeling.

I’m also really tired. It’s been a couple late nights in a row and I’m feeling it. That, and we’re heading to Creepsfield this weekend for a Halloween party. As much as we love seeing the crew, these weekends are never relaxing or refreshing. So much to do and people to see, so little time!


competitor magazine runner stretchI’m quite happy with last night’s run. It was a speed work day, which I haven’t done in a while. I didn’t do timed intervals; more by distance (marking a spot ahead and going fast) or by feeling (going fast until I needed to slow down). Real technical in this joint. I went in aiming for a time around 36 min, and that’s exactly what I did.

The speed exception was mile 2 though. That’s my least favorite mile on my park loop, so I used it as a recovery mile / getting ready for a fast one after it. I just settled in to make the best of the hated #2 and actually thought I was going slower than I was. Always nice. Part of mile 4 was also a slower recovery period.

My knee felt 85 – 90%, calves had normal blood flow the whole time, and I just went all speedy Gonzales and had fun with this one. I haven’t done a sub 8:30 mile – and maybe not even a sub 9:00 – since middle of the summer. It felt good.

That’s all I got today. I made these egg frittatas with corn bread earlier in the week, but I didn’t take any photos. We both enjoyed these. Also, confession: I ate 3 (three!!!) peanut butter chocolate chip cookies last night when we were hanging out with some friends. I would have been rude to refuse, right? 🙂

And finally, I found this video from Runner’s World for a dynamic warm up for runners. I do some of these, but I’ve been feeling not warmed up enough lately when I start running. I know how to stretch deep after a run, but warming up properly has evaded me as of late. Maybe because it’s not a gazillion degrees outside anymore, so I actually have to take some time to warm up.

side lung long stretch runner smile

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