Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday’s workout: Tracy’s arm workout as a warm up | HIIT, 401 reps, 18 min. | 2:15 min. plank
Halloween workout: Again, Tracy’s arm set for a warm up | More for your core + workout

I did the More for your core workout again and added a few more things at the end. Here is the full breakdown:

  • 1 min. slow crunches
  • 20 push ups
  • 1 min. elbow plank
  • 1 min. left side plank
  • 2 min. bridge with right leg up
  • 20 push ups (I did triceps push ups for this set)
  • 1 min. elbow plank
  • 1 min. right side plank
  • 1 min. raised plank with alternating shoulder taps
  • 2 min. bridge with left leg up
  • 1 min. elbow plank with dolphin push ups
  • 10 push up burpees
  • 20 squats with alternating knee lifts
  • 20 triceps dips

Finally, I finished with a solid stretch session. Also, if you’ve watched that arm video I keep doing and think it looks just ridiculous…. give it a chance. It is ridiculous, and I would mute it because the music get’s a little annoying, but it really feels great. My arms and shoulders have a great burn when I’m done and it’s a fantastic upper body and core warm up. Just add a few minutes to warm up the lower body and you’re golden.

Not much cardio this week because my evenings have been fairly booked. An event tonight, a work thing last night, Tuesday was a HIIT day and Monday was a long phone call. I’m preparing for my weekend long run to be challenging.

How was everyone’s Halloween??

Ours was uneventful. I didn’t get home until 7:30 and we don’t get trick–or–treaters at our place. Last Friday was the Halloween party, so last night we settled in with hot chocolate and watched Nightmare Before Christmas, Jon’s favorite movie. Simple and relaxing. 🙂

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