#imagreatist ambassador!

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I received a pretty exciting email yesterday.

I am super excited to be a new Greatist Ambassador! I’ll have more to write about this once all the ambassadors are up on the website and the program get’s rolling, but I could not be more stoked. And, quite honestly, really honored.

If you don’t know what Greatist is, be sure to check them out. The site is dedicated to healthy living. It’s not about being skinny; it’s not about fitting a mold. It’s about taking personal responsibility for your health. Greatist offers tools and support. At Greatist, you can read about the latest workout trend or find the GWOD (Greatist Workout of the Day), but you can learn tools for stress relief, recipes, podcasts… and so much more.

The Greatist Manifest below sums it all up. Obviously, I’m a fan. And I’m really excited about this opportunity. 🙂

More must-read health & fitness news and information at Greatist.


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