4 quick somethings

When you read this, I will be gone on a romantic weekend vacation with my husband.

Last winter we won a free hotel for a weekend in St. Louis and have just gotten around to using it. We will be hitting up some free attractions, such as the St. Louis Zoo (weather permitting) and/or the art museum. And with a gift card, a nice Saturday dinner is covered as well.

Nothing sweeter than a lovely weekend with your spouse… for mostly free. 🙂

But I have a few things to mention, so listen up.

  1. Check out my interview on Run Lady Like as part of Jesica’s Friday FITspiration series!
  2. The Megaphone Society is nearly  ready to launch, so swing by and see what we’re all about – ESPECIALLY if you’re a writer.
  3. I received yet another super exciting email this week, and am now officially a Sweat Pink ambassador as well! Joining the new Greatist ambassador team and the Sweat Pink ambassador team, both in just a few weeks, is exciting/humbling/hold–on–while–I–do–a–happy–dance.
  4. I realize I haven’t posted any workouts this week. *hangs head* I’ve done some low–impact strength work and yoga… not the most exciting workout week. Hopefully I’ll get in a couple runs next week, but no promises with Thanksgiving travel. I might be slacking some right now, but don’t worry. The bandwagon will not move on without me. 🙂

Hope you all have exciting and active weekend plans!


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