Today is all about perspective.

It’s been a rougher couple of weeks in my house, mostly due to some financial stress – which, by the way, is potentially the worst kind. Ever. And these things always become conversations about goals, purpose, what–are–we–doing–with–our–lives, are we being smart, this–decision–means–we–can’t–do–things–for–ourselves–for–a–while…. all that fun stuff.

It brings me back to one of my regular mantras:

This is about the journey, not just the destination.

I just don’t see things in black and white many times. There are SO many shades of gray, so many silver linings, so many gains from sacrifices. Certainly, it is sometimes hard to find the good in a tough situation, but there is always a positive.

So today’s inspiration is about perspective. About finding that positive. About letting things go. About understanding life is so much bigger than today’s decisions.

Today is about realizing how truly blessed we are and leaving it at that. There is no “Sure, I’m blessed, but….”

You are blessed. If you can’t see that, maybe it’s time to change your perspective.

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10 thoughts on “Perspective

    • I hear ya. Money, especially around the holidays, can be such a hard problem to handle. I’m so glad you were able to find some encouragement in the post; it’s something I’ve really been working through lately. It always helps me to look beyond my life and realize there are so many people who are hurting more than we are – in our neighborhood and around the world.

      Hang in there! *hugs*

    • True story; it is SO hard some days. Been on my mind a lot lately. This health journey is all about challenges, right, so this is another challenge for me right now. Perspective. Positives. Perseverance.

      Thanks for the comment – great to hear from another Spa! I’m exciting to get involved and meet more sisters. 🙂

    • Ha! Glad you can be excited now! I was worried for a little while. 😉

      Today was such a HUGE accomplishment, worth celebrating and patting yourself on the back. How many months have you labored over getting the thing printed? Not counting all the editing and cover drama?

      You’re never going to have this experience of printing your first book again, so enjoy it!

    • Welcome! I’m glad other people can be encouraged and challenged by it, too. I know this whole perspective/positivity thing is something I’ve really been working through lately.

  1. Fantastic and relevant post! We’ve been having similar discussions in our house, so I understand the stress of wanting life to work out now! Hope you had (are having?) fun on your weekend getaway!

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