Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson trainer

I’ve kind of fallen in love with Tracy Anderson‘s videos.

I stumbled upon one of the celebrity trainer‘s arm workouts on Pinterest that I’ve posted on here a few times, but this week I went looking for more.

And I love it. As a former dancer + a runner with an aching knee, her videos are low impact, rep–based, dance–inspired workouts. It’s really refreshing! I needed something new and a little different right now, and Tracy delivered. She focuses on a lot of rotations that catch the smaller accessory muscles that don’t as much attention running. Tracy’s workouts are body–weight only, or very light weights for more extra resistance. (I have some ankle weights that I’ll add, too).

A note up front though: these take a little coordination, especially the standing abs video. I recommend watching through it first; or at least doing a light walk–through first. Also, Tracy talks about needing to keep energy and strength in your movements. Because you’re not using weights, you have to keep power in the movements.

These are my favorites (do them together for a great workout):

Tracy Anderson trainer

  1. Lower body, part 1
  2. Lower body, part 2
  3. Arms without weights
  4. Arms with light weights
  5. Abs & legs on the mat
  6. Standing abs

Try these and tell me what you think!

Have you done any of Tracy’s other workouts?

Also, I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! I know I ate far too much…. 🙂

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