The world is ending in just 23 days!

Finally, I have some workout updates!

Monday’s workout: 2.6 mile run, 28:10 (just under 11 mile average) | Tracy’s weightless arm routine | 2:30 min. #plankaday | 100 squats
Tuesday’s workout: 2.6 mile run, 28:25 (10:56 avg) | 4:00 #plankaday | 100 squats
Wednesday’s workout: Legs and arms from Tracy | 1:00 #plankaday | 100 squats

It has felt SO good to get my run on this week.

They have been slow, easy winter miles done mostly in the dark. I’ve been heading in to work early so I can get home, change, and get out the door before it becomes black outside. It’s been dusk and gray… but not all black yet. And these have been shorter runs so I’m not out long.

I don’t think Jon would let me run much longer unless he came. My mild stalker–out–of–the–park incident has us both more careful.

My goal this week is to hit 12 – 15 miles total. This would include 3 or 4 couple–milers and a 7–miler or so on the weekend. That goal might be a little high, seeing as I’m not a high–mileage runner anyway and I’ve been off for three weeks. I’m not tied to it; I know to back off if my knee pain comes back. But that’s my goal and I’m *hopefully* sticking to it. 🙂

In other news, we are less than a month away from the end of the world!

I have a slew of things I want to do and say before then, but I also want something fun. Chatting with my husband the other day, he suggested a world–ending photo challenge! After some brainstorming with him and Casey, we produced this:

Mayan daily photo challenge Dec. 21 2012

You all know how this works: share your daily photos on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #MayanPhotoChallenge starting on December 1. Find us, too, so we can follow everyone doing the challenge. Plus, we’re all new to Instagram and looking for fun people to follow! 🙂

Will you join us? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “The world is ending in just 23 days!

  1. Now this is funny! I try not to sign up for challenges because I almost always fail miserably at getting past the first day, but I will think seriously about this one. I’ll at least follow you on Instagram so I can see the pictures!

    • I’ve thought the same thing when I see challenges (at least long ones; a week I can do). But I thought this was such a fun idea I had to roll with it. I see this as a casual photo challenge, so don’t worry about missing days. 🙂

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