Wedding pictures!

On August 11, 2012, I married Jonathan.

It was a long and sometimes stressful four years of dating (hello grad school), and an even longer and stressful 8–month engagement, but we made it! Though in all honesty, there were many days we were severely temped to pull the plug and just make a courthouse pit stop on the way to our honeymoon. 🙂

Three and half months later, I’m still happy to be married to this guy, so I would say newlywed–edness has treated us well.

It’s taken us a while to get all these pictures, but they’re finally here! Normally I do a Monday motivation post, but seeing as it’s taken us forever, I might get in trouble if I wait another single day to post these. HUGE THANK YOU to our photographers: my aunt, Tammy Schriever, and my cousin, Melissa Duet (check out her site Delightful Laughter Photography); Jon also took some of these and put in editing time. I have a talented and extremely generous family; be jealous.

I also want to give a big thank you to a those who put in so much work to make this wedding happen: my in–laws, Steve and Dawn; my brother and sister–in–law, Justin and Krista; and my cousin, Emily, who took charge as my wedding–day assistant. And of course, all our families and our bridal party (many of whom traveled: Brazil, Florida and Missouri!); thanks for all your work to make the day perfect. We love all of you!

WordPress has this lovely new photo layout, but you can also click on an individual image to view them as a gallery.


7 thoughts on “Wedding pictures!

  1. What a beautiful bride you were! (I think my favorite picture though is of what I’m guessing is a little brother photobombing the family pose!) I love wedding pictures!

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