Official launch!

Megaphone Society

Thursday’s workout: 2.7 mile run, 28:00 min. | 100 squats | 3:00 plank
Friday’s workout: 2.3 mile run, 21:50 min. | 140 squats | 70 push ups | 1:00 plank
Saturday’s workout: 3.4 mile run, 37:00 min. | 2:00 plank
Monday’s workout: Rep workout (20 each x 4 rounds: walking lunges, push ups, hanging ab tucks, dips, tuck jumps), 16:49 min. | Jenn’s pilates abs | 100 squats | 20 pike push ups | 2:30 plank….. Sheesh, that’s a lot to write out!

A few weeks ago, my friend and co–worker Casey Voight told me about a crazy idea.

Casey is a new author stumbling her way through self–publishing. (Amazingly, Google failed to have clear answers for questions like “do I need to have a Library of Congress number” or “what are some of the top services for hosting and selling e–books?”)

She had the opportunity to talk with a long–time author, hoping to get some concrete feedback and advice. His conclusion: “Don’t give up, but also don’t expect much.” Casey writes, “The market is flooded with everyone’s little voice screaming ‘Hey look what I did’, ‘Buy my book’, ‘Check this out’. It gets to be a deep–sea of people struggling to be heard, one over the next.”

Being the problem–solver that she is, Casey had a simple idea! Rather than all trying to scream over each other, why don’t we join our voices and help one another? Why isn’t there a community for authors, old and new, who can support each other and share ideas?

*Epiphany moment*

When Casey shared her idea of the Megaphone Society, I was immediately interested. I know how much I appreciate all the #sweatpink ladies, the #imagreatist family, and all my other health and fitness bloggers and tweeps. Though we only know each other through the blogosphere, these people have been an incredible source of encouragement, motivation and help.

People love having a community, a sense of belonging. The Megaphone Society provides just such a safe place for authors to grow and learn from each other. I’m so proud of Casey and all the work she has done finally getting her book out, and I’m really excited to help her start Megaphone. I believe in the power of communities like this.Megaphone Society

And so, I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of the Megaphone Society!

If you’re a writer, look around the site and join the movement! If you’re not a writer but know someone who is, please share the site with them. We have a lot of great things planned, such as author profiles, marketing strategies, Twitter #authorchats and creative prompts called Ink Outs.

That’s enough for me today. I want you to go to the Megaphone Society! Support authors, support a new community, support a movement.


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