Lasagna and a dove

I’m home sick today, so this will be a short post with a few photos. Those are easy. 🙂

Tuesday I tried  a new recipe, lasagna rolls. Not to be confused with lasagna. Which is basically the same thing, just stacked rather than rolled. It sounded cheesy and delicious, so I rolled with it.

The prep and the baking. I couldn’t tell you the calories and healthiness of this meal, but I doubt it was great. We did use low–fat ricotta cheese though. Jon chopped up fresh onions, garlic and zucchini and we mixed in an egg and spices. Put it together, top it off with sauce and cheese and get those lovelies baking. I put them in at 425° with the lids on for 20 minutes and then about 10 minutes with the lids off.

Piloting Paper Airplanes Lasagna RollsI planned to make this for weeks, so I was dying  to finally eat it. It did not disappoint. Perhaps not the best gourmet lasagna ever, but we both enjoyed it.

Piloting Paper Airplanes Lasagna Rolls

Now to the exciting news!

I’ve talked about my author/co–worker friend Casey before. She is the inspiration behind the Megaphone Society and pretty rad. Casey has been working on her first novel for 3+ years and yesterday, her shipment of paperback books finally arrived!

Casey Voight The Dove

Easily the most exciting day of work thus far.

We may or may not have gone racing out of the building when we saw the truck, and there may or may not have been four of us taking pictures of the poor (and super nice!) delivery guy. What can I say; you only get your first shipment of your first book once.

Print copies will be available to purchase soon; The Dove comes highly recommended by yours truly. I’m a big reader and really enjoyed this one. Also check out Casey’s blog and the book trailer on her web site.

4 thoughts on “Lasagna and a dove

    • Haha, it’s not the easiest thing to make. I like quick and simple steps, not boiling the noodles, paying them out so they don’t stick, mixing up the filling, putting it together, and finally baking it. (Also the reason I hate doing laundry; too many steps). But so tasty it’s worth it on occasion! Lasagna I mean. But also laundry…. 🙂

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