The spasms are back in full fury

Last night was terrible. Terrible I tell you. One of the worst “episodes” of muscle spasms yet.

I’ve talked about the circulation problem in my legs many times before here on PPA. After a good amount of time in doctor’s offices, an MRI, electronic nerve tests,Muscle spasms etc. Doc told me tight calf muscles is the culprit. My Achilles tendon is so tight (always has been) that I can’t get a good stretch all the way up my calf. This keeps the nerves tense and apparently cuts off feeling below them.

Not really sure how that works, but I was prescribed some compression socks and told to stretch more. The result is that it has been much more manageable the last few months.

Until last night.

The first time I got up was an hour after I went to bed. Walked around and stretched, trying to get blood flowing, and took some Exedrin PM. This is huge for me; I don’t take anything. No luck. The next time I got up Jon was already sound asleep and I was miserable. I walked, jumped around and stretched for nearly 40 minutes.

I finally fell asleep out of exhaustion more than relief and the spasms are still messing with my legs this morning. SO. FRUSTRATING.

Girls Gone SportyIn other news, I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I don’t know as much about this community so I’m excited to get involved. One thing I do really like about GGS is grants they provide for fit women to participate in events. Races can get quite pricey, especially if you have to travel. Good gear takes some $$ too.

I am a growing runner with a growing desire to complete some races – but I’m also a poor newlywed. I really appreciate that the GGS community recognizes the financial challenges that come with being active and is proactive in helping women participate.

Pretty cool stuff!


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