6 months & 100 posts later

I’m feeling the pressure right now. This is a milestone post and it “needs” to be good! I’ve toyed with all sorts of ideas to write about.

100 Piloting Paper AirplanesAnd I just keep coming back to a simple expression of thanks.

Thanks to friends and family who have engaged here.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for the support.

Thanks to my Twitter “family” for all the tweets of encouragement.

I feel incredibly blessed to have stumbled into an online community that is not afraid to celebrate successes. A community that is a safe place to admit health struggles or ask for advice. A community that is about taking care of your “whole” self rather than one focused on being thin.

What I love the most is how positive everyone is. Maybe I’m biased, but I feel like there are few groups or topics online that are so centered on being a positive influence. It’s refreshing, and I love it.

So thanks to all of you. You have each made this blogging experience such a positive one. Here’s to another 6 months, more triumphs and more growth!

Thank You Piloting Paper Airplanes


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