Goals shmoals: I hate resolutions

I hate resolutions {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

If you know me, or you’ve read Piloting Paper Airplanes for more than a hot second, you know that headline is a lie.

While we’re at it, you might also know that I really don’t like lying. I have trouble telling the smallest lie and I’m not good at it, so I rarely attempt it. (Plus, you know, the integrity of honesty. Always that too.)

But let me explain.

It seems every blog, every article, even every tweet I see has to do with goals, resolutions, commitments and challenges. My blogosphere is filled with
resolutions that cleverly include 13, new weekly challenges, this year I will ___  and so much more.

Brace yourselves New Year's Resolutions Posts Coming

I couldn’t resist; love Game of Thrones and the whole series!

Truth is, I’m exhausted just reading them all!

This coming from a woman who loves challenges, check lists, 30–day program this, 40–day program that, training schedules, run stats, etc.

Yet I sit here worn out – and I haven’t completed a single resolution yet. Inspired, sure; and thinking some of you are a bit nuts. 🙂

My question is, are we on challenge overload?

I am fortunate to be part of some fantastic online communities of seriously fit people. We are goal–oriented people motivated by progress. We set goals and complete training plans and finish races all year.

Many of us are also bloggers. There is a temptation to translate the social media buzzwords of community, followers and engagement into programs or challenges as the next tool to grow our blogs.

Please understand, I love – and have participated in – group challenges. I’ve been toying with some ideas for Piloting Paper Airplanes. So the last few days, as I’ve found myself uninspired and leery of participating in resolution–type programs from some great bloggers, I had to take a step back.

I went from wanting to do EVERYTHING to not being interested in any of them.

While we’re all motivated and excited about starting fresh with a new year, I just want to throw a caution out there (or “challenge you?” Eh?) about doing too much. My two cents:

  1. Stay true to your goals.
    What are your fitness priorities this year? Races? Weight loss? Injury recovery? Make sure the challenges you commit to – primarily talking about group things here – stay true to your personal priorities.
  2. Keep It Simple.
    Stay reasonable with the goals, resolutions and challenges you commit to. This is an obvious one; we all hear it, we all know it, many of us write about it. But seriously. Do it. Challenge yourself, but don’t set yourself up to fail either.

So! I am I crazy, or is anyone else experiencing some resolution fatigue?
What are you doing about it?
Or maybe I’m just crazy… 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Goals shmoals: I hate resolutions

  1. Good entry.

    From someone who absolutely loves the beginnings of things and constant changes.
    The only thing I hate more than resolutions is people being so mean/ smug/ asshole about me asking the question, “Did you make any resolutions?” *smug reply* “I don’t need a date to make a resolution” or “Our new year is just an arbitrary date. If we were using a different calendar…” any kind of something like that. Shut up. Make a resolution to be less of an asshole when people engage you in normal conversation instead of trying to look “interesting.”

    The thing that makes New Year’s resolutions so good is that it is literally a NEW YEAR, and everyone knows it. People are (should be) excited and ready to try new things. What we should be doing is encouraging others to use this energy to get plugged in somewhere or fixed onto something that will hold them after their initial excitement is gone or helping them turn that resolution into a life goal/ journey (especially in the fitness world). We should NOT berate them for making resolutions.

    All that being said, it is exhausting to read “Power Resolutions” like 365 books this year!, 52 things I’ve never done!, run 12 marathons!. Blah. I think, “do it then tell me to get on board if you think it’s worth it.”

    Here’s mine: log my workouts. I know it’s simple; I need to do it. But I haven’t been. Now I will.

    • 100% agree re: smug New year’s responses. Also totally agree about encouraging people to get involved in something that they’ll stick to. I’m all about trying new things, committing to better habits, making lifestyle changes, etc. And you’re right, the New Year is the perfect time to start fresh.

      And many of the challenges I’ve seen hosted by other bloggers are fantastic! I spent a few days jotting them down, wanting to participate in everything, and then feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

      Now I’m taking a step back, evaluating my personal health goals for this year, and joining challenges that match my priorities.

  2. Haha again, totally on the same wavelength! I wrote a post yesterday that is scheduled for tomorrow about how I woke up Saturday with a pressing urge set fire to all of my training plans, spreadsheets and to-do lists and throw them out the window! Sometimes sharing/reading blogs can lead to unnecessary pressure. Love your advice… stay true to you!

    • Your post is great! I totally relate – glad to know I’m not the only one who was feeling overwhelmed by all the 2013 goals/challenges/resolutions flying around. 🙂

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  4. You couldn’t have said this better!! I’m on total social media overload lately, and as much as I love being engaged and participating in anything and everything that I can, it’s like when will it end??
    Plus we get into all these ambassadorships and have our loyalties there and need to keep up with everything.. yikes.
    I’m right with you.. no January goals set yet; no 2013 bucket list done.. just sort of pushing through this month.. 🙂
    Glad you posted this!!

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