Annual music video: Whistle

I should probably save this video for hump day laugh, but I’m too excited.

Each Christmas, my talented cousin Christopher plans a music video that all of the cousins, siblings and spouses in town are a part of. They are always ridiculous and always a ton of fun. This year we did a slightly different take on Flo Rida’s Whistle. Have a laugh!

I have a crazy family. Love. It.

In other news, Jon ran errands last night, leaving me the house to myself for little while. I took full advantage, took over the living room, and did a killer HIIT workout.

Started with this, originally posted here:

Get Moving HIIT {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

And followed it up with my absolute favorite core workout from Happy Fit Mama.

More for your core {}

Finished with some extra lunges and squats, then a little dance party with me and the music.

Honestly, who doesn’t dance around when you’re alone? 🙂
What do you think of our crazy video?

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