Crazy Sexy Life

I’ve been reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr, and I think the book has changed my life.

From her website:Crazy Sexy Diet Kris Carr

“On Valentine’s Day in 2003, I was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable (yet thankfully slow-growing) stage 4 cancer. This whiskey tango foxtrot moment (that’s military lingo for WTF?!) sparked a deep desire in me to stop holding back and start living like I mean it!…

My wake-up call encouraged me to make a total lifestyle upgrade inside and out. It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide, brought me back to nature (my church), the garden and kitchen (my pharmacies), and connected me more deeply with the people and animals who set my heart ablaze. I learned that a nutrient dense, plant-passionate diet rules, the Standard American Diet destroys (everything), stress sucks (all life-force), exercise is non-negotiable (great for your head, heart, cells and ass-ets), joy is utterly contagious, and having fun must be taken very seriously.”

She’s written multiple best–selling books and made one movie, crazy sexy style. What I’m reading now, Crazy Sexy Diet, is, you guessed it, about making healthy changes to what you put in your mouth! Carr advocates a vegan diet of as many raw foods as possible. Cooking food at temperatures over 118° (read: grilling, baking, searing, etc.) actually destroys much of their nutrients.

“Enzymes are pH- and heat-sensitive. Cooking food above 118 degrees destroys enzymes,” Carr wrote. “This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat cooked foods; it means that you shouldn’t exclusively eat cooked foods. Highly refined and processed foods suck the most; they’re completely devoid of enzymes (pasteurized stuff, too).”

She goes into detail about why the animal products available today at the local grocery store do more harm than good.As a vegetarian, I’ve been aware of a lot of this stuff – antibiotics, hormones and more nastiness – but I still learned a lot.

“While our ancestors have been eating meat since they came down from the trees, they consumed it infrequently and in smaller portions. Also, the meat was very different. It was wild and fresh, not from desease–ridden factory farms that dose already sick animals with drugs and chemicals. Though we were hunter–gatherers, we gathered a heck of a lot more than we hunted.”

My main take–aways this far?

  • Understand my pH balance

    Our bodies are happiest in a slightly alkaline environment at 6.8 – 7.5 on the scale, but most people these days are more acidic, causing all sorts of biological problems. Acidic foods in means an acid party inside that attracts the wrong crowd. Acidic foods have a lower oxygen content, and guess what? Our bodies need that oxygen. Plus, bad cells like the cancer monsters really don’t like oxygen, so an acidic environment is the perfect place for them to grow.
    Want to keep the bad guys away? Eat more alkaline foods.

    pH scale of common foods

    Click to view larger.

     Quick tip #1: coffee and black teas are very acidic. Cut back on the joe.

     Quick tip #2: The pH scale is logarithmic. On the 14 point scale, 7 is neutral, and every step in each direction is a multiple of 10. So if you move from 7.0 to 6.0, that’s 10 times more acid; 7.0 to 5.0; 100 times more; 7.0 down to 4.0, 1000 times more! Don’t tell yourself wine is fine because it’s only 4 steps below 7.0; that’s a multiple of 10,000 down to the acid pool!

    Also, “It’s much easier on your bod to stay in an alkaline range than to try to restore it. In the blood it takes twenty times the amount of alkalinity to neutralize an acid,” Carr wrote.

  • Glycemic index

    This is the sugar scale: a measure of how high and quickly carbs spikes your blood sugar. The index goes from 0 being no sugars to 100 being tons of sugars. White table sugar = 100 on the glycemic index. Other nasty culprits are jasmine rice (109 on the GI scale!!), potatoes, white refined pastas and breads, juice, artificial sweeteners, etc.

    Glycemic index foods

    Click to view larger.

    When thinking through my normal diet, I think I still eat too much sugar. We make bread with organic wheat flour, I don’t drink soda or much juice, we  mostly purchase wheat pastas… but still, there are sneaky ones in there. My job allows me to eat on campus, and there are not enough wheat options for pasta and bread – and even the wheat or grain options still have added sugar.

    → Quick tip #3: Stay away from white things! Your body likes color, so don’t be boring. Spice it up, eat the rainbow, go with brown wheats and grains, and leave the pretty white stuff on the shelf.

  • Animal products

    I’m a long–time vegetarian and don’t eat many eggs, but I have milk in my morning cereal and love yogurt and cheese. But… I’m thinking about reducing my dairy intake. Not ready to talk more about that yet, as I’m still reading and researching. I’ll share more in a later post.

Wow, that was a lot! Plenty of learning going on over here, and I’d love to hear from you. Why do you, or not, eat dairy? Do you eat a lot of raw foods?

Any ideas, tips and thoughts welcome.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Sexy Life

  1. Sounds like a great read! I’m trying out the “virgin diet” at the moment to help identify some possible food allergies, and have pretty much fallen in love with the gluten and dairy free life. I will likely incorporate some of the other foods (peanuts and eggs, specifically) back into my diet, but I have really enjoyed the alternates to dairy (coconut, rice milk, etc). I was a vegetarian for 10 years and have pretty limited meat intake now. Good luck! 🙂

    • My biggest struggle is that my husband is highly allergic to all nuts except peanuts… so that limits what I can eat in the house or cook with. No almond milk for us, and I’m skeptical of too much genetically modified soy. Rice milk is one we haven’t tried, so I may pick some up.

      My plan has been to introduce a little meat back into my diet, but only organic. This would still only be a couple meals per month. It’s dairy thats the hard one. I eat organic yogurt, but we can’t find organic cheese (at least not that we can afford!) so I’m thinking I should at least limit cheese as a start.

      Always learning!

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