Fit Friday: Friends, healthy cookies & new running pants

Happy Friday! It was a shorter work week, but I’m still glad it’s Friday. Ready to stay in bed longer rather than have to get up in the freezing tundra that is winter. At 27º, this morning commute was the warmest all week. I know I shouldn’t complain too much, as we’re not getting snow & ice at the moment, but I’m going to anyway. I hate cold. 🙂

I spent the weekend with this awesome lady while our husbands took over Kansas City. Lovely and refreshing weekend with one of my favorite people!

Kristin {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Couldn’t resist posting a dramatic photo of Kristin. 🙂

  • Friday
    • 2.4 miles
  • Saturday
    • 1/2 mile jog warmup
    • X 5 {10 pushups, 10 step ups, 10 dips, 10 abs}
    • 1 mile walk home
    • 20 minutes of yoga
Veggie curry {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

My dear friend Kristin came to visit this weekend, and we made her veggie curry recipe over brown rice. SO GOOD.

  • Sunday
    • 1 mile run, 1.5 mile walk
    • Side plank w/ 10 twists w. 10 lb.
Healthy cookies {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Sunday night Kristin and I wanted something sweet, so we experimented with a healthy cookie recipe. Bananas, organic peanut butter, sugar–free applesauce, oats, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Here’s the recipe. They are tasty and hit the spot!

  • Monday
    • Rest day.
  • Tuesday
    • Light day. Some stretching, 50 pushups, and 2:00 each front, right and left planks.
  • Wednesday
    • 4.07 miles in 43:21 (10:39 average). Felt awesome to do a longer run today!
    • 50 pushups, 50 dips, 20 dive bombers.
Nike DriFit pants {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

Made a trip to Marshalls and found these Nike DriFit pants. Score for winter running!

  • Thursday
    • Pretty much nothing. I had every intention to do some HIIT work, but life got in the way. Happens sometimes. Short 1:00 plank before bed.
Cold office tea {Piloting Paper Airplanes}

This is how I’ve spent the last week in my office: freezing and unwilling to take the winter layers off.

Hope you all had a great week, and have an even better weekend!

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9 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Friends, healthy cookies & new running pants

    • You have to go to Marshalls ready to purchase something when you find it because it won’t be there later – but you can definitely find some good deals!

      I LOVE curry, but I can’t remember making it myself. Kristin spoiled me. So tasty.

    • Oh me too. I’m not a fashonista by ANY means and I’m quite frugal, so Marshalls and Target are faves. Not even sure I would know if something is last year’s style. 🙂

      And thanks for the sweet compliment. Have a fabulous weekend!

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