Let yourself off your own hook

Today’s Monday Motivation is a little different. I write mostly about health and running, obviously, but a big part of my life is really focusing on “full–being well–being.” All the work I do becoming a stronger and better runner means little if I’m not also taking care of myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Yesterday’s sermon was about forgiveness, which happens to be something on my mind lately. There are always hurts that we each need to forgive, and don’t we all know there are plenty of things for which we need to ask forgiveness.

But I want to talk about forgiving ourselves. In the health blogging world there are many many post about falling off the wagon, guilt for a slacking weekend, etc. Body image and self-confidence play a big role in that sinking feeling after we “blew it.”

I have three words for this guilt: Let. It. Go.

Plain and simple. Take a deep breath, consciously forgive yourself, and start fresh. Not matter how committed we are, life will always always always get in the way sometimes. Work, school, kids, travel… all sorts of stresses and distractions derail our meal planning or workout schedules, and that is OK. Say it with me: It’s OK. Working out and eating right can take a lot of time and effort, and we all know the importance of taking care of ourselves – but there are other things just as, or more, important.

In many way, this journey to healthier life is a journey to freedom, so give yourself the gift of freedom by letting go of that guilt. Your shoulders will thank you.

That’s my soap box for the day. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!


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